What to expect at the Sony PlayStation Showcase (2023)

It's been 621 days since Sony's last PlayStation Showcase, so expectations for the next presentation are understandably high.

While I was waiting for the live stream, I grabbedmobile syrupgame publisher,brad shankar, to break your head about what to expect at the Showcase.


Chris Brown:We get so many straight style videos these days, but this one feels different. Could this be where Sony gets some new games coming out next year?

Brad Shankar:Yes, it should be interesting. They made some smaller onesThe situation' presentations, but this is the first 'PlayStation Showcase' brand event since September 2021. I think in terms of what we're going to see, it's the biggestMarvelov Spider-Man 2. It was first revealed during the last PlayStation Showcase, but we haven't seen it since.

There is some uncertainty surrounding the course of that game, as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales will be playable characters, so hopefully we'll get some insight into that. Can't wait to see Tony Todd's Venom too!

crisis:I can't wait to seeSpider manbuilt from the ground up for new hardware!

Lace:100 percent! One of the few PlayStation exclusives in the last three years developed exclusively for PS5.

crisis: And do you think we will see that this year?

Lace:Y.Tony Todd accidentally leaked the September release windowSo we'll see if that changes. I think we'll get a release date during the Showcase anyway!

Spider-Man 2: Almost Guaranteed

crisis:A few other studios have kept quiet while they work on their projects (more on that in a minute), but another project that's being openly talked about isThe Last of Us: Factions. He was originally supposed to be part of it.The Last of Us Part II, AliNeil Druckmanhe said it was so big it had to become its own game. Do you think we'll finally get a look at the game?

Lace:Yes, I think it's about time, especially since the first season of the show ended a few months ago. playstation is preparinga big shift into live service gamesSo what better way to kick it all off than with a new multiplayer gameBad dog?

crisis:I've never had a chance to experience a multiplayer game before, but I know people who cite it as one of the best multiplayer games out there. It's definitely one to consider if you're looking for something a little different from the usual competitive multiplayer fare.

Lace:It was very good! I think the slower tactical gameplay is even more noticeable in this age of Battle RoyaleFateclone.

The Last of Us Factions: Very likely

crisis:As you mentioned, Sony has been pretty open about making live service games a priority. We've heard rumors of oneHorizontemultiplayer team gameGuerrilla. Any chance we'll see it as one of those other titles?

Lace:That's a good question.FromHorizon multiplayer game leakedand had an admittedly odd cartoon style. I think we could definitely see that, especially since then.Forbidden horizon west'Sburning banksextension is no longer available.

Horizon Multiplayer: Possible

crisis:Can we see a new gamebungienow that they are under the PlayStation banner and in charge of the live service?

Lace:I think it will be a while before we see what Bungie is working on, but Sony has said it plans to use the team's live service.experience to help with other online games. I've even seen Bungie representatives appear in announcements or chats with other PlayStation developers like Naughty Dog or Guerrilla about their games.

New Bungie Game: Unlikely

crisis:As for other in-house studies, how likely are we to hear from the Asobi team? I know it was a glorified demo, but I keep coming back to it.Astro game roomsometimes because it's a lot of fun.

Lace:Man, that game was so much fun. In my heart, I'd love to see another regular PS5 game from Asobi, but I think Sony will probably have that team working on some PS VR2 stuff, which we know will be at least a little featured at the show.

Astro's Playroom 2: Amazing

crisis:If you were to estimate, how many storefronts do you think will be dedicated to PS VR2 content?

Lace:Probably not much. I saw that they are showing a featured game for PS VR2 (forResident Evil- could beRE4 RecreationVR content?), then turn it into a short tweet for other VR titles.

crisis:every chance we getAlyx poluživotai PS VR2?

Lace:he wassome vague rumors about itbut it makes perfect sense. You'd think they'd already announced it to help PS VR2's lackluster sales. So with luck?

crisis:I'll take it!

Half-Life Alyx: Possibly

crisis:we touch each otherspider man 2al, maarawakehe also revealed that they are working on oneGluttongame. Will Sony show that game now or are they saving it for after releaseSpider man?

Lace:I think they are just waiting. sincerely,GluttonIt was probably announced too early, as they just wanted to build excitement for the future of the PS5 in its first year. Fromspider man 2so close now, I can only wait for it to come out and show itselfGluttonlater on a show like The Game Awards.

Wolverine: Unlikely

crisis:By the same token, do you think Sony will boast?fantasma de tsushima 2meetingRise of RoninAround the corner? They come from different developers, but I can tell that they wanted to avoid cluttering up the samurai action genre too much.

Lace:I forgotRise of Ronin! Apart from the report we will not seefantasma de tsushima 2you have commented well here that you want to distribute them.Rise of Roninprobably more likely now for Showcase.

crisis:I really liked the last Team Ninja games (maidenUWo Long: Fallen Dynasty), so I was waiting for more gameplay footage. I really hope there is a release date!

Lace:I have a weakness forAliens from Paradise: Final Fantasyalso. [laughs in chaos]

crisis:We loveFinal fantasyspin-off around these parts!

Fantasma de Tsushima 2: Amazing

crisis:This seems premature to me, given thatReturnIt's out in 2021, but any chance we'll see something from Housemarque?

Lace:Oh yes, Mark. I bet we won't see them since it won't be long after that.Return.

Housemarque Game: Unlikely

crisis:I probably missed a few, but that includes most of the self-study. However, that doesn't mean that's all we'll see. Your previous Showcases and State of Play presentations featured a number of games that we hadn't heard about in a long time. do you rememberpragmatic?

Lace:Ah yes, a Capcom game that was very similar to itstranding death!

crisis: stranding deathin space!

Lace:It's nice to show it here, because a lot of people (myself included) probably don't really know what this game is. But the new IP from Capcom is certainly intriguing!

crisis:As the largest (and only)stranding deathventilatorin the worldI'm on the team for new rare projects!

Pragmatics: Probably

crisis:Speaking of whichstranding death, shouldstranding 2performance?

Lace:Not exactly.Kojima is Geoff Keighley's big brother. We're sure to see him in some form at Summer Game Fest,even if it's for a new podcastinstead of the real game!

crisis:I certainly didn't hear that. [Editor's note: It is.]

Death Stranding 2: amazing

crisis:For most people, the name Kojima is still synonymous withmetal gearfranchise. He wasrumors are flying everywhereto onesolid metal gear 3Repeat. Do you think there is any truth in them?

Lace:Good sequel! Yes, I think all signs point to that.MGS3-remakeattend a PlayStation event. Whether we will get real gameplay or just a CGI trailer is another story, hopefully the first!

crisis:Fingers crossed!

Metal Gear Solid 3 remake: very likely

crisis:We've been watching this one, but do you think we'll finally get a release date forsilent hill 2Repeat?

Lace:Yeah, that's probably a good conversation. There was a lot of concern about it, especially since then.bloober-timHe's not a very popular developer, so I think they should give him a strong game anyway.

Silent Hill Remake: Very likely

crisis:Did I hear the beloved remake? I'm so glad you grew upFinal Fantasy VII Rebirth! Square Enix will probably wait until after thatFFXVIhas been released, but is there any chance we'll see it?

Lace:Man,as VII flat, I hope - it's been almost exactly one year since it was discovered, and it's in the vague "late 2023/early 2024" window, i.e. "winter". Some people actually believe they will be there, but I keep my expectations in check. As you said, they doXVIIt's coming out in a month, so there's really no reason to show it now.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth: unlikely

crisis:However, there is one last remake we need to talk about:Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I am equal parts skeptical and hopeful. We've heard that development on this game is exhausting, so it looks like it could take a few more years.

Lace:I'm torn too. At best, I can imagine getting another CG trailer or even a short update from the developers. The 20th anniversary is actually in July, so they might even wait until then to update. But even in 2024, it apparently is"desperate desire"for throwing (according toBloombergto Jason Schreier) so I'm not expecting anything fancy.

crisis:I'm always on the "wait until it's over" team.

Lace:Yes, it's been dark for almost two years, so what's a little more?

Knights of the Old Republic Remake: malo vjerojatno

crisis:Okay, I'll go through some quick options. Let me know if we see this one or not. Will we have a release date?Stellair me?

Lace:I totally forgot about that game. Could be?

crisis:what were you thinking aboutlittle devil inside?

Lace:That was in the State of Plays series, so it wouldn't surprise me!

crisis:Will we see a trailer fordragon's dogma 2?

Lace:I wouldergiosurprised.

crisis:We'll seeMonster hunter world 2?

Lace:Hmm... I'd say 50/50?

crisis:Will we hear from the teams inAtlus? or newPersonagame or a new IP they developed?

Lace:Hmm... I feel like they let them all goPersonaports recently because they know we don't have new games for a while. Well, probably not.

crisis:With Sony teasing "lovely" games in the window, we can see thatprogramit was rumored for a long timespellbound?

Lace:No. between newarmored coreUElden Ring-DLCI doubt From Software is ready, or even needs to show off a new game.

crisis:Okay, finally... Shall we hear a word?carried by bloodin any capacity?

Lace:Ha! That would be great. I'd say a remaster or port is very likely. Long ago! However, I doubt we will get a sequel.

crisis:I'll take the port at this point! What will he do. Thank you for accompanying me in all my flights of fancy. Tomorrow we will find out if any of this is true!

Lace:Thank you! That was fun. Must be a good show either way!

PlayStation date and time display

you can lookscreen for playstationand las 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on PlayStationYouTubeUSnatchchannel

Follow all the news coming out of the Showcasemobile syrupTwitter.

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