What bird should I take? What pet bird is best for me? (2023)

If you have decided to buy a pet bird, a companion for you and your family, the question of which bird to buy immediately arises.

How To Find The Best Dog Breed For...

How do you find the best dog breed for you?

With so many options for pet birds, it is very difficult to choose the best bird for you.

To make it easier for you, I've put together detailed information to help you find the pet bird that best suits your lifestyle.

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Which bird should I catch? Which ornamental bird suits me best?

Buying a pet bird can be overwhelming and therefore making the decision on which one to choose is a difficult and emotional one.

But make sure you make this decision in your head and consider a few parameters that will help you choose the best one for you.

The decision is the most important thing, not only for you but also for the bird you have chosen.

While you may think you're ready to become a bird owner, there are some aspects of bird ownership that people don't realize until they've spent some time raising pets.

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Things you should know before adopting a bird as a pet:

1. Birds wake up with the sun:

The birds fly as soon as the light hits them. Even if you cover their cages to block the light, outside noise will wake them up.

They are early risers and expect the same from you. Owners need to adjust their sleep schedules to take care of their pets.

2.Non-stick cookware can be lethal to birds:

The smoke released when heating Teflon pans is poisonous to birds and can even kill them. Therefore, it is advisable to get rid of all non-stick pans for the safety of your bird.

Replace them with stainless steel bowls or other bird-safe materials.

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3.Smoke is bad for birds.:

If you are a smoker, be careful not to smoke near your pet. Because smoke is just as bad for your bird's health as it is for you.

The bird should be kept away from clothing or other items that may smell of tobacco.

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4.Poisonous houseplants cause diseases in birds:

Many houseplants are poisonous to various species of birds. Some of these plants are clovers, lilies, philodendrons, etc.

When choosing a bird, be sure to research bad houseplants for that species.

5.Chemical products pose a risk to your pet's health:

Chemicals such as scented candles, air fresheners and cleaning products can affect the health of birds.

Your airways are sensitive, so they are easily compromised by smoke or chemicals. Make sure you get rid of them before bringing your pet home.

6.The birds are confused:

It doesn't matter if the bird is small, big or what kind, they are all messy. They distribute food and feathers around their cage and wherever they go.

As a homeowner, you need to make time every day to clean up clutter. Invest in a good vacuum to make the job easier.

How do you choose the right bird?

There are several factors to consider before keeping a bird as a pet. Considering these factors will bring you closer to making the right decision and will help you choose the ornamental bird that is most suitable for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a bird:

1. Size of the bird:

the size is one of these factors that people often do not take into account. They don't realize the importance of thinking before buying the bird until they run into problems later.

The larger the bird, the more difficult it is to care for it. It is believed that the largest birds are the ones that take on the most commitments.

Also, beginners should always start with small birds. Smaller birds need a small cage.

2. personality traits:

All birds have different personality traits. Some birds are more expressive at showing compassion, while others are not.

Similarly, some birds may dedicate their entire devotion to just one person in the family, while others split their devotion evenly.

It's entirely up to you to decide what type of bird you're considering, the one that can be tamed or the bird that likes its personal space.

3. How a bird is raised:

Another important factor is whether you want a bird that will be hand-fed or parent-reared.

A hand-fed bird is calmer and friendlier to all members of the family as it is more open to human interactions from the first days of life.

Additionally, these birds are easier to tame and require less hand-feeding training.

Birds raised by parents are closer to their parents and therefore need time to become acquainted with humans.

Before purchasing a bird, it is always best to ask the dealer about it.

4. Vogel Sex:

In general, considering gender doesn't make much of a difference when choosing a bird for a pet, but it's certainly a good decision.

Both male and female birds have almost the same physical characteristics, but not all behaviors are the same.

For example, female canaries are calmer and calmer than males. It is recommended that a thorough study of behavioral differences based on a bird's sex be made.

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5. bird age:

You have to decide if you want a young bird or an older bird because it makes a big difference in your pet rearing.

Most people prefer young parents to older parents because it is easier to match the pet bird's personality and habits to their lifestyle. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth keeping an older bird as a pet.

Older birds can also be trained; They are cheaper than the young ones. If you are considering an older bird, make sure you do a full research on diet, behavior, age, personality traits, etc. of the bird

6. the health of the bird:

Make sure the bird you choose is healthy. With careful observation, you can test whether the bird is doing well or not.

A healthy bird should look active and alert when approached, a bird that looks dull and fluffy might be sick.

It is best that you do a full health assessment of the bird before adopting it. You can consult the vet if you find anything doubtful.

7. time commitments:

One of the most important factors to consider is the amount of time that the species of bird you choose will require. Getting your bird comfortable in a new environment takes dedication and a lot of patience.

This means that the first few days require a lot of time and attention. But the work doesn't end there, the birds need constant stimulation in their environment.

Therefore, you should plan a specific amount of time for you and your bird to interact and bond with each other. You should also spend a good deal of your time cleaning the birds, feeding them food, and doing other pet-related tasks.

Another aspect of time commitment relates to the total time you will be spending with your pet bird. Birds, as a rule, live a very long time and will be your companions for a long time.

8. household and finances:

The cost of adopting a bird as a pet depends on the type of bird you choose. Make sure you estimate in advance the money you will need to adopt a particular bird and provide all the care for it.

Consider adopting a bird that fits your budget so you can give it everything it needs to be healthy and happy.


Choosing a bird takes a lot more thought than meets the eye. But once you find the right one, it's worth all the time you put into buying the bird.

A good research on bird behavior, requirements and other factors will help you find the best one for you.

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