The Gazastgas agreement could make Israel and Hamas' unlikely partners (2023)

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The city of Gaza-It Raza de Europe to ensure that alternatives to Russian energy supply is a Palestinian initiative has long forgotten to extract natural gas from the coast of the blocked Gaza Strip.

Palestinian authorities said negotiations with Egyptian investors could quickly move with Israel with Israel and Palestinian political divisions equally insoluble for over two decades.

The $ 1.4 billion project, which will be completed in February 2023 and could start gas production in March 2024, will be a high cooperation between the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Israel and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that GazaStrip ruled, be together. Hamas and Israel were involved in four devastating wars in the Gaza Strip. At least they need to be tacitly on board.

Israel says the historical agreement with Lebanon was hit by maritime borders

The multilateral association, including industry and politics analysts, will say that the Liquidity and deeply unpopular problems based on the West Bank and had no authority in the Gaza Strip will begin a shelf life.

Ramallah's headquarters sees Gaza gas reserves as "pillar to improve their tax plans," said Zafer Milhem, president of the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority.

"We are waiting for this development and prosperity that goes hand in hand with him," he said. "I hope this is a step in the future."

The Egyptian project "will contribute to strengthen the national independence of Palestine," said a February 2021 understanding of Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) and Natural Egypt Holding Co.(EGA), an Egyptian consortium of the investor.

Since he first discovered British gas in 1999, Gaza's natural gas, estimated in 1 billion cubic feet, has fallen into the Israeli-Palestine conflict and blocked under the sea.

In 2000, one day after Palestinian nationalist leader Yasser Arafat, he praised the discovery of gasoline as "God's Gift," the second intifada of Palestinians or the revolt, interrupted the warning that profits could be brought to Hamas and other militant groups.


However, the overall energy market rumor and the increase in regional energy cooperations have caused progress and, finally, one of the few potentially very profitable natural resources, said the Palestinians involved in the negotiations could be opened.

In October, Egyptian Oil Minister Tarek El-Molla announced a default contract between Egyptian and Palestinians with narrow supervision and non-official consent of Israel. The Palestinian authority ratified the contract this month and says he is waiting for IsraelAnd who is waiting for Israel ... The Palestinian Authority and says that who is planning to swear in his next government to swear to send the Officer Light Green an official "comfort letter".

Israel expects your gas to finally be part of the Middle East

Benjamin Netanyahu, then Israel's first -M Minister and now his first - -first -elected minister, he described the "good stability, good for prosperity and good peace in 2011.and Palestinian negotiators said they received positive signs from IsraeliWhen they discussed when they discuss the topic in recent years at the East Mediterranean Gas Forum, of whom Israel and the Palestinian areas are members.


The offices of Netanyahu and Bezalel Smotrich, the head of the Extreme Law Religious Party, which should be the second largest in the Israeli government that arrived, did not answer questions about comments about the current Gaza project.

Ghassan Khatib, former Minister of Palestinian Planning, said the Palestinians still do not know if Israel, that they prepare for the most correct government in their history, It will oppose.

"Israel has changed," he said. "Parents are less interested in making the Palestinian authority viable because it is no longer convinced of the idea of both states," in which there would be an independent Palestine with Israel.

But even if the whole company has an Israeli company, the Palestinian authority is still confronted with its bitter rival Hamas, which required part of the unexpected profit projected.


"We will not allow gas to be monopolized and that Gaza does not benefit completely," said Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas's political position of the Washington Post.

At a ceremony in September, the Hamas track hung near the port of Gaza with the inscription "Our Gas, Our Right".

The Unlimited Agreement grants a 27.5 % stake in PIF and another 27.5 % of the Consolidated Contractors (CCC) based in Athens and Palestinen.40 miles according to Egyptian processing facilities, in which they merge with the networkof Egyptian energy and then sold as export for Palestinians and others.

"He has to be commercially connected to politics," said a Palestinian employee who spoke under anonymous because the deal is not over yet.


Perspectives occur when Europe is looking for Earth in search of Russian gas and oil alternatives, especially in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Gas fields at the high sea of the Gaza Strip, known as Gaza 1 and 2, are 20 kilometers away from the coast. The estimated reserve of cubic foot is a case in the cube compared to the 20 billion years of cubic footballIn Europe and is also much smaller than Israeli gas fields.

However, Europe's future energy strategy will be deliberately in mosaic and diverse, and Milhem, president of the Palestinian Energy Agency, said external pressure is an important motivator.

"While increasing activities in the Eastern Mediterranean, the crisis in Ukraine has contributed to promoting the gas agreement," he said.

Mkhaimar Abused, Extraordinary Professor of Political Science at Al-Azhar Gaza University, saidAccording to Lebanon, a country with which it is technically still in the war.


In his election campaign, Netanyahu appointed the American negotiation agreement, which allows Israel and Lebanon to use gas inlaids in the Hohen See, which potentially richly a "historical surrender" for Hisbollah, the militant group, which was supported byIn Lebanon of Iran of Iran.

He abused, however, said the Palestinians were encouraged to see that the agreement, which initially encouraged the opposition of Histbollah, finally approved.

"Palestinians believe there is a regional and international interest in the development of this gas field," he said.

The gas closest to the Palestinians closest to Israel's energy independence, its largest supplier, west of Imports of Gentil, 750 megawatts of its total consumption of 850 megawatts. The energy plant that produces about 45 megawatts nearest.

In August, during the last outbreak with Israel, Gaza's eight regular bleachers extended to 12 hours, and hospitals were operated with generators when the medical team participated in the injured.


Residents here fear that Israel or the Palestinian authority or probably both to complete the gas project.

"There are many features in the Gaza Strip (antiques, gas, work, but no one uses these features correctly," said Mahmoud Sayad, a 44-year-old father of the Al-Shati refugee camp west of Loop.

"The Palestinian authority does not take care of Gaza. For them, the gas field is a source of money," said Ramy Susi, a 35 -year -old construction worker from the same field, who expected profits to be wasted by corrupt politicians."How can this gas make a difference in my life?"

Rubin reported Ramallah.

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