The famous Mayan city of Copan: a place with a lot of art and hieroglyphs (2023)

Guatemala is located near today's border and is the old Maya city of Copán. A relatively small Maya place comes from almost 2,000 years and was the state of the eastern city of the world.Western Honduras shaped a large city with pyramids, temples and statues with a variety of colors: dark red is the most common of well as an impressive staircase with the entire history of Copán, which were written in Mayaic hieroglyphs.

Ruler of Copán: 16 kings, a dynasty

Copán started around the year 1000 BC.BC as an agricultural settlement. A measure that grew, the place acted as a political, civil and religious center of the 16 Kings Copán Valle series Copán, all of which belong to a single dynasty (family).

The Maya leader Yax Kuk Mo came from the Tikal area (Petén) and arrived in Copán Valley 427 AD. For other important Mayas and occurred during the classic time from 300 to 900 AD.

The famous Mayan city of Copan: a place with a lot of art and hieroglyphs (1)

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A frankincense burner who claims Yax Kuk.Charles Tilford/Ancient History Encyclopedia)

Fall von Copán

During the 6th century, the 13th King of Copán lost a fight against a neighboring kingdom and was beheaded. From then on the kingdom gradually decreased and finally disappeared.The decreaseIt may have been caused by internal revolts, war and illness. According to estimates, 20,000 people were at home in Copán.

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Copán Architecture Heute

Today the Copán valley extends about 10 square kilometers with the location, which comprises about 250 hectares (100 hectares) and has one main ruin complex and several secondary complexes.and graves.tlachtli ball game (Maia:Pok-and-pole). It is the second largest dish in the Maya world behind Chichen Itza.

The famous Mayan city of Copan: a place with a lot of art and hieroglyphs (2)

Copán Center Map (Wikimedia Commons)

In 2017, Heather Richards-Risetto, assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, started an ambitious project to bring Copan to life.As Btn Liverb1G reportedRichards-Rissetto and his team started in November 2017MayacityBuilderTo create "an immersive 3D experience", which enables visitors to pass the streets of this Maia capitol during the highlight of its power."Richards-Risetto said:" In a way, they go through the stages of an old Maya person. "

The hieroglyph staircase: a structure that represents the story of Copán

It can be said that the most remarkable characteristic of Copán is hieroglyphic staircase. It is not only an incredible performance of architecture and art, but also an important historical Maya document.of 30 meters (98 feet) were built, which leads to one of the temples.

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This hieroglyphic staircase contains more than 1250 stone blocks with 2200 hieroglyphs and is therefore the longest stone text in ancient America. Jeder step on the stairs is recorded with Maya texts that describe the story of Copán. First, it was in a state of decompositionand was assembled without understanding the language or knowledge of the correct sequence of the blocks. The text is out of service and the meaning is unknown to the history of the leaders.His funeral can be found on the bottom of the stair pyramid. On the central axis of the stairs there are five portraits in which sitting earlier sitting in the middle of the military gift.

The famous Mayan city of Copan: a place with a lot of art and hieroglyphs (3)

Hieroglyphic staircase, policeemIn Honduras (Scott y Emily/Flickr)

Altar F: works of art in honor of the 16 rulers

Copán is considered the most famous artistic achievement in the Maya World.Example is generally regarded as one of the most fascinating works of art on the website.'Uk Mo' on the altar side, which is one of the most detailed in all Copán for his jewelry.Makes a warrior on the left.

The famous Mayan city of Copan: a place with a lot of art and hieroglyphs (4)

Altar Q, Copán, Honduras (Simon Fraser University Museum)

Copper reduced

The first European to discovered Copán was a Spanish discoverer Diego García de Palacio. John Lloyd Stephens, together with the British architect and painter Frederick Catherwood 1839 Copán.Until the following year, they documented the ruins first and are attributed to them carelessly carelessness of the Maya civilization.1841 Published Stephens and Catherwood a book entitled "Viacuem in Central America, Chips and Yucatán."The book was illustrated with engravings based on Catherwood's paintings and was the most detailed description of the Maya culture that has been published so far. These paintings have been in circulation for over 150 years, and the introduction of culture has been attributed to the rest of the culture.

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At the end of 1800 to the nineteenth century, several archaeologists made further expeditions in Copán. In the 1930s and 1940s, the ruins were restored by a group that was sponsored by the Carnegie Institution of Washington, AD.

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The largest archaeological project in the location is the Copán Arqeological Project, which began in 1977 among the archaeologists of Americans and Hondures and has been continued since then.

150 years and a better documented website

It is also located in the ruins of the Copán sculpture museum. In 1996 he began as an international cooperation to preserve the original monuments from Copán, and represents the best known examples of sculptural achievements in this old city.

After 150 years of research, Copán may be the highest documented Maya location of everyone and is considered one of the most beautiful and most important cities in civilization. He was declared a World Heritage Site in 1980 and attracts more than 150,000 national and international tourist visits every year.

More information about Maya ruins in Copán, Honduras, can be found in this video:

Exceptional picture: the ball in Copán, Honduras (publicly accessible)

VonBryan Hill

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