Sun Tzu in other words CH 1 (2023)

Sun Tzu in other words CHAPTER 1



The first reading about it.

The book can be a bit daunting due to the language used. Here are other people's words to help with the translation. So let's match his words with the words of respected men and women in different fields and times. compare thoughts. Even if they are different, it can be very helpful to understand other similar statements..

1.1 Sun Tzu said: The art of war is vital to the state.

Never before has man been so capable of controlling his own environment... We have the power to make this generation the best humanity in history or the world, or the last.john f kennedy
All war is a symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal.John Steinbeck
Nobody won the last war and nobody will win the next war.Eleanor Roosevelt
War must be when we defend our lives against a destroyer that would devour everything; but i don't love the shining sword for you
nor the arrow for its speed, nor the warrior for his glory. I love what they represent.

J.R.R. Tolkien
If you win, you don't have to explain it... If you lose, you shouldn't be there to explain it!adolf hitler
Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.Isaac Asimov

2. It is about life and death, a path to safety or doom. Therefore, it is an object of study that cannot be neglected.

We make war to be able to live in peace.

What do the dead, the orphans and the homeless care if the insane destruction is in the name of totalitarianism or in the holy name of freedom or democracy?
Mahatma Gandhi
Never think that war, however necessary or justified, is not a crime.Ernest Hemingway

3. The art of war is thus determined by five constant factors that must be taken into account in one's deliberations and in the search
to determine the conditions achieved in the field.
4. They are: (1) The moral law; (2) heaven; (3) land; (4) The commander; (5) Method and Discipline.
5.6. The MORAL LAW makes people fully agree with their ruler so that they follow him regardless
their lives without fear of any danger.

Justice... is a kind of pact not to hurt or be hurt.epicurus
There is no such thing as abstract justice; It's just a pact between men.epicurus
Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is an agreement. Harmony.laini taylor
No single person can liberate a country. You can only liberate a country if you act as a collective.Nelson Mandela

7. HEAVEN means day and night, hot and cold, times and seasons.

God is day and night, winter and summer, war and peace, plenty and famine.heraclitus
Nature often hides.heraclitus

8. LAND includes distances, large and small; danger and safety; open terrain and narrow passages; the chances of life and death.

Death is not our business, because as long as we exist, death is not there. And when it arrives, we no longer exist.epicurus
It is possible to protect yourself against other evils, but when it comes to death, we humans live in a city without walls.epicurus

9. THE COMMANDER represents the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage and rigor.

A man's character is his destiny.heraclitus
Seeing a lot, suffering a lot and learning a lot are the three pillars of learning.Benjamin Disraeli
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, desire.Aristotle
Good character is not made in a week or a month. It is created piece by piece, day by day. It takes long and patient effort to develop a good character.

Courage is the first of the human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees the others.Aristotle.
Giving up also takes.Nelson Mandela
The greatest virtues are those that are most useful to other people.Aristotle
The way to earn reputation is to strive to be what you want to appear.Socrates
Good character is not made in a week or a month. It is created piece by piece, day by day. Prolonged and patient effort.
It is necessary to develop a good character.heraclitus
I don't understand why man should not be as cruel as nature.adolf hitler
A man does what he must, despite the personal consequences, despite the obstacles, dangers and limitations, and that is the basis of all human morality.john f kennedy, Profile in Mut

10. METHODOLOGY AND DISCIPLINE means the organization of the army into its own departments, the rank of officers, the maintenance of the roads by which supplies may be brought to the army, and the control of military expenditures.

The law is reason freed from passion.Aristotle
The moral habits induced by public practices invade the private lives of people much faster than the errors and failures of individuals infect the city in general.Plutarch

11. These five heads should be familiar to every general: whoever knows them will be victorious; if you don't know them, you will fail.
12. In their deliberations, therefore, when trying to determine the military terms, which are the basis for a
Comparison in this sense:
13. (1) Which of the two sovereigns is imbued with moral law? (2) Which of the two generals is more skillful? (3) With
To whom do the benefits of heaven and earth belong? (4) On which side is discipline more strictly enforced? (5) Which army is stronger? (6) On which side are the officers and men best trained? (7) In which army is there greater consistency in both reward and punishment?
14. Through these seven considerations I can predict victory or defeat.
15. The general who listens to my advice and acts accordingly will win: May such be those who command! The general who does not pay attention or act on my advice will suffer defeat: fire him!

Wise kings often have wise advisers; and he himself must be a wise man, able to discern one.diogenes

16. Listen to the benefit of my advice and also take advantage of any circumstance that is beneficial beyond the usual rules.

It is not once or twice, but innumerable times that the same ideas appear in the world.Aristotle
Spend your time improving yourself through the writings of other men so that you can easily achieve what others have labored for.Socrates
Not all readers become leaders, but all leaders must be readers.harry s truman
People who come to us for advice almost never take it. However, we should never refuse to give them to us when asked, as this usually helps us
see our own path more clearly.brendan franz
Never trust the advice of a man in trouble.Smoke
Just ask your colleagues for advice.Hannah Whitall Smith
It is very difficult to live among people you love and not give them advice.ana tyler
Nobody wants advice, just confirmation.John Steinbeck
You just need good advice to pass it on. It is never useful by itself.Oscar Wilde
I have found that the best way to advise your children is to find out what they want and want.
then advise them to do so.harry s truman

17. If circumstances are favourable, plans should be modified.
18. All war is based on deceit.

We lie, but it is easy to show that lying is immoral.Nickname
Just because something isn't fake doesn't mean it isn't misleading. A liar knows that he is a liar, but
he who speaks only parts of the truth to deceive is a builder of destruction.criss jami
Things are not always what they seem; the first appearances deceive many; less intelligence recognizes what they have
they were carefully hidden.Phaedrus

19. So if we can attack, we must appear immune; in using our forces we must appear inactive; if we are close, we must make the enemy believe that we are far away; If we are far away, we have to make him believe that we are close.

It is a lucrative thing to be wise to appear foolish.squirrel

20. Place baits to attract the enemy. Fake mess and smash them.

The riskiest thing you can do is get greedy.Lance Armstrong

21. If he is sure on all points, be ready for him. If he has superior strength, avoid him.

Don't trust luck, trust behavior.Publius Syrus

22. If your opponent has a choleric temper, try to irritate him. He pretends to be weak so that he can become arrogant.
23. When he rests, don't give him rest. When your powers are united, separate them.
24. Attack him where he is not prepared, appear where you are not expected.

The best way to defeat your enemies is to always surprise them.Abel Adam Buba

25. These military means that lead to victory must not be announced in advance.
26. Now, the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before fighting the battle. The general who loses one
Battle just does some calculations beforehand. Thus many calculations lead to victory and a few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation! By paying attention to this point, I can predict who is likely to win or lose.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.Yogi Berra

Sun Tzu in other words CH 1 (1)

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