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Meet our founding professor

Cynthia Bourgeault is an internationally renowned modern mystic, Episcopal priest, author, and retreat leader. He divides his time between solitude in his seaside hermitage in Maine and a demanding schedule, traveling the world to spread the revival of Christian contemplative ways and wisdom. Her roots are firmly rooted in the Benedictine monastic tradition, her wings fly in the Christian mystical lineage, and her wisdom is tempered by the daily practices of mindfulness and embodiment learned during over thirty years of involvement with Gurdjieff's work. An emeritus faculty memberThe center of action and contemplationshe was honored as one of the 100 Spiritually Influential People Living in 2021.

Soy Cynthia Bourgeault

I practice and teach the Christian spiritual arts...

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"This is how you arrive, this is how you arrive..."

Growing up in rural West Philadelphia, Cynthia experienced her first tastes of stillness and mystical presence during the weekly worship meeting at the Quaker school she attended. She went on to earn a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies, specializing in ancient music and liturgical theater: training that would be very useful in her later work as a spiritual teacher. He attended the Philadelphia Divinity School and was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1979...

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the blog

Cynthia's published articles cover a wide range of topics, taking us on a journey towards a deeper acceptance of our fragility, disorder and human limitations as the very path and locus of transformation. Discover Cynthia's theological insights at the intersection of contemplation and "normal" life.

Cynthia's blog

videos and podcasts

Here you'll find Cynthia in lively conversation with some of the leading spiritual commentators on topics of current and current interest.

(Video) What tools do you use to introduce objectless awareness? - Cynthia Bourgeault

Cynthia's video and podcasts

Upcoming events with Cynthia

Introductory School of Wisdom - Online Course with Cynthia Bourgeault

Mystic Hope Today: A Deep Dive into Lent Online with Cynthia Bourgeault

Academia WCCM: Kontemplatives Leben con Cynthia Bourgeault

Mary Magdalene: Apostle of our time – Online-Kurs mit Cynthia Bourgeault

OPTION TO ZOOM: A Date with Evil - A School of Wisdom starring Cynthia Bourgeault

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(Video) Cynthia Bourgeault and the Common Good

ask cynthia

Have you ever had a question you'd like to ask Cynthia? This is your chance.

Here is a question that Cynthia, from one of her schools of wisdom, answered: “What does inner awakening look like? Can you see it from outside?

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study with cinthia

"Wisdom is not knowing more... It is knowing more about yourself."

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Cynthia is the author of over a dozen books and counting! The themes explored in this theme fall within her four main areas of interest: central prayer, Christian wisdom, western esoteric tradition, and conscious love. She is known for her bold, original ideas and approachable style.

cynthia's books

online courses

These online courses provide an easy way to immerse yourself in some of Cynthia's most powerful teachings without leaving your home! Each course offers self-paced email lessons that include video or audio recordings, written reflections, contemplative practices, and more.

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Here you'll find a rich selection of audio resources, from refined teaching kits to raw audio files of recent groundbreaking lectures.

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“Meaning is not an explanation
it's resonance"

Citas citables de Cynthia Bourgeault
for daily practice

Compiled by Bill Britten, photographer and lore scholar
November 2020

(Video) Thomas Keating's Dark Night with Cynthia Bourgeault | Centering Prayer Summit 2022
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"See from non-duality, act from compassion."

“When you remove judgment, what remains is compassion, not indifference. "The demand for compassion remains unchanged across all sectors."

"Compassion is the only field that contains all perspectives."


“Attention and devotion must be in balance. They are the joysticks you use to navigate the cosmos.”

“Attention cannot be shared. It's complete. It can only expand."

"Freed from subject-object mode, attention magically transforms into consciousness."

“The real self cannot be reached with attention in the subject-object mode. You can only find your true self in a place beyond the mind."

"Centering Prayer is all about establishing your attention."

"What you pay attention to gives you energy."

"Keep inside! The pearl hidden within you is your magnetic center, your equanimity, the path of wisdom that you cultivate."

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Meet Cynthia Bourgeault - Wisdom References (10)

perception and grounding

"As you learn to feel your feelings, instead of jumping right into your head and your story, try to go deeper, on your feet and even deeper into the earth. The stability and support of the earth. What will flow through you? you, be your agency. The light that enters your darkness will be yours."

“The head will never achieve the movements that the body naturally achieves. Submission, obedience, attention. You cannot have equanimity in your head!”

"You can't move a plank you're standing on!

Sensations move more easily than emotions or stories.”

"Don't stop at WHAT you are, but WHO you are. From shared consciousness to expanded consciousness using the sensation modality."

"ID is one of our most insidious leeches when it comes to presence."


“With focused attention and sensitivity, and turning off the hold of the mind, you will see. The reward for seeing is seeing more.”

"Start building a nest for your generative presence to live."

"See from non-duality, act from compassion."

"Learn what you find.

Universal laws have a personal aspect.”

“Being a willing participant in the field of relationships is what matters. What we bring is the power to see and reflect. Adjust your being to see what is happening on the field. Beware of "incomplete observation". As soon as you judge, you don't see."

"The imaginary vision corresponds to the imaginary individuality."

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Meet Cynthia Bourgeault - Wisdom References (12)

time and timeless

"We see the wisdom that comes from a plane higher than the future."

"The eternal wisdom that comes to us when we wake up from another world is what we know as the future."

“The future is not what is to come, but the larger dimensions of everything. The outer layers of meaning. The past does not cause the future, the whole does.

“Hold attention as a resonant field, pay attention to patterns. The price of admission is your narrative self, anchored in time."

(Video) Cynthia Bourgeault Interviews Thomas Keating

"Whether you work consciously or act selflessly, then for the future."

“Time is a measure of endurance. Replace duration with volume and depth.”


“Letting go is a powerful act.Perhapscreate new worlds.”

"Never fix positivity again if you want equanimity."

"Kenosis and self-soothing are opposite ends of the spectrum."

"Deliberate work and intentional suffering are the joysticks we use to navigate the universe."

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Meet Cynthia Bourgeault - Wisdom References (14)

The relationship field

“We derive our individuality from the relational field. Nothing in the cosmos serves the individual."

“Don't look at the pieces, watch them flow. The relational field has the characteristics, not all of us.”

"The exercises are not a means to achieve something, but the expression of a relationship with something that exists."

“Health is in the quality and integrity of relationships. The drop is the ocean, not separate. The divinity within does not replace it, but fills it. so that what is hidden may be revealed.”


“Aim for the highest possible outcome when fighting judgment. Focus on integrity and love. Better than 'choosing'”.

“Any judgment that is not based on love will be inaccurate. Any negative perception is distorted.”

"True discernment takes place in the realm of imagination."

"If the road is ahead and you're not sure if it's 'true', take a risk, do the work of transformation. It's better than sleep, which is the alternative."

“Limit the amount of spiritual information. Grab it and connect with your path. Avoid spiritual materialism.”

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Meet Cynthia Bourgeault - Wisdom References (16)

hold our post

“Our job is to fill a vacancy in the resonant field. Keep your attention on yourself. Stay within yourself, don't let your attention wander. Do not sleep. Look for opportunities to be present and show presence.”

"The three centers of consciousness must be in dialogue for you to think and be."

"Our talent, our gift, is our willingness to join the dance of others with the cards we were dealt on that plane."

"The fruits of the spirit are achieved when we begin to live on a higher plane of being."


“Breaking ties clears the lens of perception so we can see the fullness. As we touch our own lives and have abundance, we become prophets of hope.”

"Deep self-giving through kenosis is the gateway to abundance, not your will."

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Meet Cynthia Bourgeault - Wisdom References (18)

Imaginary causality: exchange between realms

“Imaginary causality is modeled. The heart is the instrument for reading the patterns.”

“The three centers must be aligned and balanced. This way, we can maintain a stable access route to the superior information that always comes to us.”

"As you move towards imaginary causality, consciousness takes the place of attraction and aversion as the engine of your being."

"A conscious man participates in the whole and generates the necessary radial energy through the transmuted substance of his life."

"What we call virtues or qualities in world 48 (our realm) are currents of energy in world 24 (the realm of imagination), subtle substances that are nourishment for our planet."

(Video) Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault: The Meaning of Mary Magdalene (intro)

“The fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control) are alchemical by-products of conscious work and voluntary suffering. What flows as these qualities is the fruit of an alchemy that develops deep within our being, using our being as raw material in which who we are and our joys and self-maximization are somehow altered through conscious work and intentional suffering. ”


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