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Experienced family violence attorney in Houston

Have you or a loved one been arrested in Houston for family or domestic violence? Experienced Criminal Attorneys at Mercer & KeirnanJohn P. "Casey" KeirnanjMiguel MerkerYou have one goal: to dismiss your case of domestic violence. Casey Keirnan is an experienced family violence attorney in Houston with over 38 years of criminal defense experience.

Charges of domestic violence are considered crimes of moral depravity in Texas and remain on your criminal record for life unless the case is dismissed. It is extremely important to consult with an attorney experienced in dealing with family violence in Houston prior to your first court date. There are things andPersonal Injury AttorneyYou can act early on the case, which increases the chances that your assault and family violence case will be dismissed.

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Experienced family violence attorney in Houston

Allegations of domestic violence taken seriously

The Houston Police Department and Attorney's Office take allegations of domestic and family violence very seriously. The state will do whatever it takes to secure a conviction, whether the victim chooses to report it or not. Because of the growing negative stigma surrounding family and domestic violence in Houston, people facing allegations of family violence are often found guilty before they have a chance to tell their side of the story.

At Mercer & Keirnan, we work closely with both spouses to achieve the best possible outcome in a domestic violence case.

Criminal defense attorney for domestic violence charges

Anyone dealing with a domestic violence case can contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Houston to bring charges of family violencefree quote and advice🇧🇷 In many cases, plaintiff witnesses want to retract allegations of family and domestic violence, claiming they were falsely recorded out of anger or frustration. At this stage, however, the only person with authority to drop charges is the prosecutor. The prosecutor will only drop a charge of assault related to domestic violence if the evidence is insufficient and cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecutor doesn't care if the victim wants to pursue a domestic violence case.

In order to successfully defend a family assault allegation in Houston, speaking to a is essentialExperienced robbery attorney in Houston.when you facecrimePersonal injury, family violence or domestic violence, John "Casey" Keirnan is a Houston criminal defense attorney specializing in family violence charges with over 38 years of experience🇧🇷 Call 713-236-9700 for a free consultation.

If you are under investigation for domestic or family abuse, do not speak to the police or the DA's office without an experienced Houston family violence attorney present. Police investigators will have you believe they are just trying to get your side of the story. In fact, they're looking for more evidence against you.will work closely with you to ensure your side of events is heard.



Houston Family Violence Advocate | Mercer and Keirnan (2)

John P. "Casey" Keirnan

Houston Family Violence Attorney

**HCCLA Attorney of the Year 2014**

Types of domestic violence allegations

  • Domestic violence or violence in the family

  • Assault on a family member

  • Aggravated Domestic Violence - Deadly Weapon

  • Serious domestic violence - Serious bodily harm

  • Aggression Violence in the family: difficulty breathing

  • Aggression Domestic violence - prejudice

  • Continuous domestic violence against family

  • Jagend

  • Violation of the protection order

  • sexual assault

Definition of aggression Violence in the family

In Texas, domestic violence by assault is typically a Class A offense carrying a maximum penalty of up to one year in prison and/or a $4,000 fine.The definition of aggression for domestic violence can be found inSection 71.004 of the Texas Family Code🇧🇷 Below is a summary of the definition:

  • an assault by one family member or household member against another family member or household member; any

  • an aggression toward someone with whom the actor has or has had a romantic relationship.

The term "family" includes anyone with whom you have a child, whether married or single. As you can see, the definition of family violence through physical harm can include allegations against people other than your spouse, including:

  • people in a dating relationship

  • people who have made an appointment

  • people who have a child together

  • family members or

  • people living under one roof

If you or someone you know is facing, or just wants to know, about allegations of domestic violenceHow to defend yourself against a charge of domestic violence,immediately for a free consultation with an experienced family violence attorney in Houston.

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Do I need a family violence attorney to defend my case?

It is absolutely imperative that you hire an experienced Houston family violence attorney to defend your case. In many cases, this is the first opportunity for a defendant to present his or her version of events in court. Anyone facing a family violence allegation should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney who is familiar with defending family violence charges in Houston:

  • Self Defense - lowSection 9.01 of the Texas Criminal Code, an actor is entitled to use force if it reasonably considers that force is immediately necessary to protect itself against the unlawful use or attempted use of force by another;

  • Consent: The use of force against someone who consents to the use of force does not constitute physical harm. An injury that occurs as a result of a fight between roommates would fall within the plea agreement against domestic violence charges;

  • Mutual Battle: This defense is similar to the defense of consent and arises from a consensual "mutual battle" situation. A robbery in which both parties are wounded indicates a mutual struggle;

  • Lack of Evidence – Under Texas law, the prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt all elements of a domestic violence case. If even an element of domestic assault is not proven, a jury is bound to return an acquittal.

For anyone accused of domestic violence, domestic abuse or family assault, you need an experienced Houston family violence attorney to defend your case. Contact one immediately after the accusation to secure evidence and defense in a domestic violence allegation. Preserving surveillance video before it is destroyed can mean the difference between winning and losing in your domestic violence case.

Protective Orders and Personal Injury Charges for Domestic Violence

In Harris County, when a person is accused of domestic or family violence, prosecutors can issue two types of protective orders:

  • Magistrate's Emergency Protection Order (MOEP)

  • contactless order

ONEMagistrate's Emergency Protection Order (MOEP)Lasts 61 days. If it is a deadly weapon, the order is valid for 91 days. A MOEP does not prevent you from communicating with the protected person. However, keep them from making threats or disrupting communications and from approaching the person's home and work. Often the police put their own address on the protection order, which causes problems. In this case, an experienced domestic violence attorney can get the judge to change the order and allow you to return home.

ONEcontactless orderit is a type of protective order that prevents you from communicating with the protected person in any way and from approaching the protected person. The order applies for the duration of the case of domestic violence. Therefore, a non-contact arrangement is more restrictive than the MOEP described above. Contact bans can lead to problems for people who live with the protected person or who share children with them. In these cases, an attorney experienced in personal injury and family violence can persuade the judge to change the no-contact order to allow you to see your children and stay indoors.

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