Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (2023)

Guy Ritchie is Britain's answer to Quentin Tarantino, as both directors make highly entertaining and violent action films with multifaceted narratives. But the difference is that Ritchie's films take an authentically British approach to the subject. However, the filmmaker's career can almost be divided in half, as he drastically changed the nature of the films he directed in the 2010s.


In addition to the classic British gangster films, Ritchie also has several big budget blockbusters, Hollywood remakes and even a live-action version ofAladdinunder your belt. But whatever he adapts, Ritchie almost always uses it as a vehicle for his classic humor and jokes, and it usually pays off.


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017) – 6.7

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (1)

While it sounds like a blockbuster action movie, that's exactly why.King Arthur: Legend of the Swordis one of the strangest entries in Ritchie's filmography. Although the director adaptedSherlock Holmesand even made newThe man from U.N.C.L.E., these films still had Ritchie's classic comedic approach to violence and banter between characters.

But inlegend of the sword, these trademarks are nowhere to be found. That's why the film received such a lukewarm reception, as there are certain expectations when Ritchie's name is associated with a project (even if it's aAladdin). However, of allDepictions of King Arthur, Charlie Hunnam did a great job and is reason enough to see the movie.

Aladdin (2019) - 6.9

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (2)
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On paper, the guy who directed itPhotoHe might not seem like the ideal filmmaker to helm a Disney musical, but funnily enough, Ritchie's unique quirks and technical approach were a perfect match. The humor was spot on and even made the audience forget for a moment that Robin Williams was playing one of the geniuses.the most iconic voiceoversAlways.

Ritchie used his action-directing skills to craft the gripping musical numbers, and while the film isn't perfect, few directors could have done it.Aladdinrepeat, just like him. And while it doesn't have the highest IMDb score in the world, it was a huge financial success, reportedly grossing over $1 billion worldwide.Mojo box.

The Wrath of Man (2021) - 7.1

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (3)

man rageit's Ritchie's latest release and sees him reunited with Jason Statham, who hasn't worked with the director since 2005.RevolverThe film marks a more serious turn for the director, which is refreshing to see after the great but over-the-top movie.The Knights.

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poor meman rageIt's flawed, and while Ritchie has refined multifaceted narratives in the past, this movie isn't quite as fluid in the way it weaves the stories together. It has pacing issues and is sort of a paint-by-numbers Ritchie movie. But there's a lot of cockney swagger and even dirtier language.

Rock'n'Roll (2008) - 7.3

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (4)
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At this point in his career, people could write a Ritchie movie in their heads, and even the title of this 2008 film is predictably Ritchie. However,Rock'n'RollIt's full of surprises and so much more than just another cockney gangster movie.

The film also features one of Tom Hardy's earliest roles, and although he isn't the main character, he steals the show every time he appears on screen.Rock'n'RollIt was something of a return to form for the writer-director, as it followed two back-to-back badly damaged box office bombs,swept awayjRevolver.

The man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) - 7.3

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (5)

Ritchie did it forThe man from U.N.C.L.E.what did he do toSherlock Holmes, which transforms an existing property into a huge action movie full of exciting sets. The film is based on a 1960s spy TV show of the same name and, starring Ritchie, was an explosive adventure that had a great buddy-cop feel.

The movie had no right to be this good, but unfortunately it didn't skyrocket at the worldwide box office. That said, as much as fans want it, there's almost no chance of a sequel. Despite being a box office bomb, Ritchie has proven that he can match his formula to just about any type of real estate out there.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) - 7.5

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (6)

There are so many representations of Sherlock Holmes and the general opinion at the time is thisSherlock is Benedict Cumberbatch's best role, but against all odds, Robert Downey Jr. did an equally good job. And while sequels are rarely as good as their predecessors,a game of shadowsis one of the few exceptions.

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Interestingly, both the 2011 film and the end ofSherlockSeason two, released a month apart, focuses on Sherlock Holmes' most famous story.the final problem. Both tell the story in unique ways and both see Sherlock faking his own death. But the audience is still waitingSherlock Holmes 3You don't know how he did it.

Sherlock Holmes (2009) - 7,6

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (7)

Ritchie is hired to direct a big-budget Hollywood adaptationSherlock Holmeswas an odd choice in 2009. By this point, it had barely moved away from the gangster comedy genre. It also didn't seem like he was open to studio notes, as all of her films are extremely explicit.

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The director has delivered such an entertaining film that is as smart as it is action-packed. Ritchie's distinctive style translated surprisingly well into the iconic series, proving that the filmmaker is as good a director as he is an author.

The Knights (2019) - 7.8

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (8)

The KnightsIt came after a series of blockbuster films directed by the British filmmaker. When the film followed a 2019 Disney live-action remake, an action-oriented adaptation of a 1960s TV show, two HollywoodSherlock Holmesmovies and aKönig ArthurFilm, another British gangster crime, was long overdue.

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hence the love forThe Knightsit might be a bit of a stretch, but the movie is another shining example of Ritchie having such a unique cinematic voice. the movie seesGuy Ritchie is going back to his roots, and even doubles down on its already over-the-top trademarks of intertwining storylines, goofy character names, and violent humor.

Castle, Stocks and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) - 8.2

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (9)

Padlock, warehouse and two barrels that smokeit was Ritchie's directorial debut, and in many ways established the director's style. It usually takes filmmakers a while to get a foothold, or at least create such a lively tone, but comic violence, cockney rhyming slang, and fast-paced action sequences were ubiquitous in the 1998 film.

Even when it comes to the storyblocked articleIt's about a heist, just like Ritchie's next filmPhotoand even their latest release,man rage. This film is the very template upon which his subsequent films were built, and it has influenced dozens of pale imitations.

Snap (2000) - 8.2

Guy Ritchie's 10 Best Movies, Ranked (according to IMDb) (10)

Followingblocked article, Ritchie had a lot going for him, and with such a huge movie coming up, it could easily have been a one-hit wonder. Armed with a bigger budget and real star power, however, the director has returned with a British gangster film even better than his 1998 debut.

PhotoIt's hilarious, engaging, and every line of dialogue is snappy. It also stars Brad Pitt, who plays an Irish traveler and underground boxer, and while it's not exactly an Oscar-nominated role, it's one of the actor's best and most surprising performances.

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Is Guy Ritchie considered a good director? ›

Guy Ritchie is known for his fun dialogue, over-the-top characters, violence, and usually some excellent music. He's taken his auteur talents and risen through the indie movie ranks while also forging a successful studio filmmaker career almost simultaneously.

Is Guy Ritchie inspired by Tarantino? ›

Influences and style

Ritchie has cited Quentin Tarantino and Sergio Leone as influences on his work. However, he has stated "just about every film — any good film — that's ever been made has had an influence on me.

Why is Guy Ritchie so popular? ›

Guy Ritchie is known for his fast-paced, kinetic style that reflects influences from both gangster films and martial arts flicks. Guy Ritchie is a director who has made many movies in the past 20 years. His films are mostly about criminals, gangsters, and other lawbreakers.

Did Guy Ritchie direct bullet train? ›

Funnily enough, Bullet Train is not a new Guy Ritchie movie, but comes from director David Leitch, who's been carving out a stellar reputation for action awesomeness with Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, and Hobbs and Shaw.

Who is the greatest film director of all time? ›

The 20 Best Directors of All Time
  1. Jean Renoir.
  2. Jean-Luc Godard. ...
  3. Ingmar Bergman. ...
  4. Federico Fellini. ...
  5. Stanley Kubrick. ...
  6. Robert Bresson. ...
  7. Billy Wilder. ...
  8. Alfred Hitchcock. ...
Nov 15, 2022

Who is the No 1 film director in the world? ›

Steven Spielberg

Who made the highly respected film Man With a Movie Camera? ›

Man with a Movie Camera (Russian: Человек с киноаппаратом, romanized: Chelovek s kinoapparatom) is an experimental 1929 Soviet silent documentary film, directed by Dziga Vertov, filmed by his brother Mikhail Kaufman, and edited by Vertov's wife Yelizaveta Svilova.

What does Tarantino think of Christopher Nolan? ›

Every Christopher Nolan movie ranked from worst to best

I really like the movie but the spectacle almost numbed me to the experience,” Tarantino explained, “I don't know if I felt anything emotionally because of the spectacle I was just kind of awed by it.

Are Charlie Hunnam and Guy Ritchie friends? ›

LOS ANGELES—How Charlie Hunnam got Guy Ritchie to cast him in the title role of “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” is classic movie lore.

Is Guy Ritchie dyslexic? ›

By the time Ritchie discovered he was dyslexic, he had given up in school. He found out early that he couldn't do schoolwork, so turned to being disruptive. Despite this, he was always fascinated by stories. He loved to listen to stories on tape, with Sherlock Holmes being a particular favorite.

Why is 12 Angry Men iconic? ›

The answer really is quite straightforward: it's one of the most perfect examples of how beautiful a film can be if it focusses on story, character and conflict. The story is simple: a young man has been accused of the murder of his father and it is up to the twelve unnamed members of the jury to decide on his fate.

What should I watch after the gentlemen? ›

Chasing the feel of watching The Gentlemen ? Here are the movies we recommend you watch after The Gentlemen (2020).
  • Honey Boy, 2019. ...
  • A Hidden Life, 2019. ...
  • Queen & Slim, 2019, 2020. ...
  • Monos, 2019. ...
  • Dark Waters, 2019. ...
  • Uncut Gems, 2019. ...
  • Palm Springs, 2020. ...
  • Just Mercy, 2019.

Who has the fastest bullet train? ›

1: Shanghai Maglev - 460 kph/286 mph (China)

The world's fastest public train is also unique – it's the only link in the world currently carrying passengers using magnetic levitation (Maglev) rather than conventional steel wheels on steel rails.

What is the fastest train in history? ›

Fastest Train in the World – 357.2 MPH

The current world speed record for a commercial train on steel wheels is held by the French TGV at 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph), achieved on 3 April 2007 on the new LGV Est.

What is the fastest train ever built? ›

Japan's L0 Series Maglev is the fastest train in the world, with a speed record of 374 mph or 602 km/h. It could go the distance from New York City to Montreal in less than an hour. China has half of the eight fastest trains, and the world's largest high-speed railway network.

Who is considered the best actor of all time? ›

Top 10 Actors of All Time, According to the American Film...
  • 8 James Cagney.
  • 7 Clark Gable.
  • 6 Henry Fonda.
  • 5 Fred Astaire.
  • 4 Marlon Brando.
  • 3 James Stewart.
  • 2 Cary Grant.
  • 1 Humphrey Bogart.
Jan 25, 2023

Which director has won most Oscars? ›

10 Directors Who Have Won the Most Oscars
  • 8 William Wyler - 3 Oscars.
  • 7 Steven Spielberg - 3 Oscars.
  • 6 James Cameron - 3 Oscars.
  • 5 Frank Capra - 3 Oscars.
  • 4 Clint Eastwood - 4 Oscars.
  • 3 Francis Ford Coppola - 5 Oscars.
  • 2 Billy Wilder - 6 Oscars.
  • 1 John Ford - 6 Oscars.
Jan 25, 2023

Who is the king of film industry? ›

Shah Rukh Khan (born Shahrukh Khan, 2 November 1965), popularly called as SRK, is sometimes referred to in the media as the "Baadshah of Bollywood", "King Khan", "King of Romance".

Who is the best movie in the world? ›

Best movies of all time
  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Film. Science fiction. ...
  2. The Godfather (1972) Film. Thrillers. ...
  3. Citizen Kane (1941) Film. ...
  4. Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) Film. ...
  5. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Film. ...
  6. La Dolce Vita (1960) Film. ...
  7. Seven Samurai (1954) Film. ...
  8. In the Mood for Love (2000) Film.
Jan 25, 2023

Who is the king of world cinema? ›

Shah Rukh Khan - The Biggest Movie Star In The World.

What is considered the best movie of all time? ›

1. Citizen Kane (1941)

Who is the most important person on a film set? ›

The Director is in control of all creative aspects of the film. They are the primary person responsible for the storytelling, creative decisions and acting of the film. The 1st Assistant Director is in charge of basically running the set.

Which movie has the best cinematography in the world? ›

best cinematography
  • # 1. THE SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE. Víctor Erice 1973.
  • # 2. ENTER THE VOID. Gaspar Noé 2009.
  • # 3. THE TREE OF LIFE. Terrence Malick 2011.
  • # 4. WILD STRAWBERRIES. Ingmar Bergman 1957.
  • # 5. LA NOTTE. Michelangelo Antonioni 1961.
  • # 6. CRIES AND WHISPERS. Ingmar Bergman 1972.
  • # 7. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. ...
  • # 8. MANHATTAN.

Who is Tarantino's Favourite actor? ›

Talking about Reservoir Dogs at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, Tarantino revealed: “The only person who was pre-cast in the movie was Harvey Keitel. As I told you, we never dreamed we'd be able to get Harvey. Understand, he's my favourite actor in the world.

What is Christopher Nolan's best movie? ›

All Christopher Nolan Movies Ranked by Tomatometer
  • #1. The Dark Knight (2008) 94% #1. ...
  • #2. Memento (2000) 93% #2. ...
  • #3. Dunkirk (2017) 92% #3. ...
  • #4. Insomnia (2002) 92% #4. ...
  • #5. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 87% #5. ...
  • #6. Inception (2010) 87% #6. ...
  • #7. Batman Begins (2005) 84% #7. ...
  • #8. The Prestige (2006) 76% #8.

What did Tarantino think Kubrick? ›

In a 2003 interview with The New Yorker, Tarantino complained about what he saw as a hypocritical worldview in Kubrick's “A Clockwork Orange.” “I always thought Kubrick was a hypocrite,” Tarantino said. “Because his party line was, I'm not making a movie about violence, I'm making a movie against violence”.

Who else auditioned for King Arthur? ›

Felicity Jones, Elizabeth Olsen, and Alicia Vikander auditioned for the role of the Mage. Originally, Joel Kinnaman was cast as Lancelot and Kit Harington was cast as King Arthur. The movie was delayed because the studio wanted a more well-known cast, with a greatly reduced budget.

Did Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam get along? ›

There's still a whole lot of love between Charlie Hunnam and Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter. In an interview with Deadline about Kurt's new show, The Bastard Executioner, he shared a sweet story about a recent interaction between him and his former leading man.

Are Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie friends? ›

The director and actor have had a unique and solid creative relationship and personal friendship through the course of films they've worked on together, such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and, most recently, Wrath of Man.

Will there be a sequel to the gentlemen? ›

Starring Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, and Succession's Jeremy Strong, it received rave reviews. If you loved the film, then you're in for a treat as there is a sequel coming in the shape of a Netflix series. Set to star is Theo James, who currently steals the show in The White Lotus.

Does Guy Ritchie appear in his films? ›

Guy Ritchie

How many Guy Ritchie movies has Jason Statham been in? ›

Wrath of Man is director Guy Ritchie's fourth film with Jason Statham, but it's considered underrated. What makes this action thriller stand out?

Is 12 Angry Men a masterpiece? ›

Critic Reviews for 12 Angry Men

This movie is a masterpiece. That term gets thrown around a lot -- it's a very easy thing to say about great films like this -- but this movie is one of the best. This is one of the very few films that I will call perfect.

Why are there no female jurors in 12 Angry Men? ›

The film came out in 1957 which was the same year that women were given the right to be on federal juries in the The Civil Rights Act of 1957. The script was written in 1954 and the setting of New York did not allow women on federal juries until 1968 so that is why all of the jurors are male.

Why did Juror 8 vote not guilty? ›

In the first vote, Juror 8 is the only one to vote not guilty. He does this not because he really feels that the defendant is necessarily innocent, but for another reason altogether. He votes not guilty because he feels that the group should discuss a case with such serious consequences before deciding.

Was gentleman a flop? ›

A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky is a 2017 Indian Hindi-language action film written and directed by Raj & DK. The film stars Sidharth Malhotra in a dual role with Jacqueline Fernandez and Suniel Shetty. Upon release, it was a commercial failure.

Is gentlemen hit or flop? ›

First Day:46,00,000

Is The Gentlemen on Netflix any good? ›

The Gentlemen is a well constructed story that starts slow but that will end in a rollercoaster of emotions. Nice twists, good suspense and action, excellent acting from the entire cast, to me one of the better movies if not the best movie I watched this year and that on the last day of 2020.

Is there any bullet train in USA? ›

Amtrak's Acela, which reaches 150 mph (240 km/h) over 49.9 mi (80.3 km) of track, is the US's only high-speed rail service. Acela trains will reach top speeds of 165 mph (266 km/h) when new trains enter service, and 186 mph (299 km/h) in coming years.

What is the slowest bullet train? ›

Kodama (こだま, "Echo") is one of the three train services running on the Tōkaidō and San'yō Shinkansen lines. Stopping at every station, the Kodama is the slowest Shinkansen service for trips between major cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.
Kodama (train)
Operating speed285 km/h (175 mph)
15 more rows

Why doesn t the us have bullet trains? ›

Population Density. The US simply does not have the density to have the need for high speed rail. There are a few regions where this is actually a viable thing, and one region in the US already has a high speed rail line, called the Acela Express. It runs from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, DC.

Who is the best Star Wars director? ›

George Lucas, of course, has directed the most films with a grand total of four. Irvin Kershner, Richard Marquand, J.J. Abrams, Gareth Edwards, and Ron Howard join Lucas as Star Wars directors.

Who is the best director right now? ›

The 25 best directors working today
  • 1 of 25. Martin Scorsese. Colombia Pictures. ...
  • 2 of 25. Spike Lee. Universal Pictures. ...
  • 3 of 25. Greta Gerwig. A24. ...
  • 4 of 25. Jean Luc-Godard. Criterion Collection. ...
  • 5 of 25. Adam McKay. DreamWork Pictures. ...
  • 6 of 25. Pedro Almodovar. Sony Pictures Classics. ...
  • 7 of 25. Quentin Tarantino. ...
  • 8 of 25. Claire Denis.
Nov 9, 2022

Who is the best comedy director? ›

The Best Comedy Movies Directors, Ranked
  • 8 Wes Anderson.
  • 7 Edgar Wright.
  • 6 The Farrelly Brothers.
  • 5 Harold Ramis.
  • 4 The Coen Brothers.
  • 3 Adam McKay.
  • 2 Judd Apatow.
  • 1 Mel Brooks.
Apr 29, 2022

What is the most liked Star Wars movie? ›

  • 1 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back57%
  • 2 Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi55%
  • 3 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope55%
  • 4 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace52%
  • 5 Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith52%
  • 6 Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi50%

What is the most violent Star Wars movie? ›

Revenge of the Sith may be considered to be the most violent Star Wars movie, as it depicts Order 66, which resulted in massacre of the Jedi. Attack of the Clones is the most violent Star Wars movie, in my opinion.

Who is the most powerful person in Star Wars history? ›

Darth Vader

One of the most classic cases of “good to evil” known to entertainment, and quite possibly the strongest Star Wars character ever.

Who is the all time best actor? ›

The 20 Best Actors of All Time
  • Russell Crowe. ...
  • Joaquin Phoenix. ...
  • Clint Eastwood. ...
  • Morgan Freeman. ...
  • Jack Nicholson. ...
  • Al Pacino. ...
  • Leonardo DiCaprio. ...
  • Marlon Brando.
Aug 16, 2022

Which director has no flop in world? ›

The world blockbuster has become synonymous with the name Rajamouli. I don't he will ever deliver a flop at the box office. He scores box office blockbusters with pure storytelling. No elevations, no chest-thumping soundtracks, just pure innovative storytelling.

Which director has the highest IMDB rating? ›

The directors listed in the table below have the highest average IMDb scores of all directors with 10 or more titles to their name. At the top sits Christopher Nolan, with an average IMDb score of 8.3.
Best director: Christopher Nolan.
DirectorAverage ratingNumber of titles
Denis Villeneuve7.510
19 more rows
Feb 18, 2021

Who is the king of acting in Hollywood? ›

William Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960) was an American film actor, often referred to as "The King of Hollywood".

Which director has won more Oscars? ›

With four Oscars, John Ford is the most acclaimed director in the history of the awards. The films that won him these awards were The Informer (1935), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), How Green Was My Valley (1941) and The Quiet Man (1952).

Who is the hardest director to work with? ›

The Top Five Most Difficult Directors to Work With
  • James Cameron. It's hard to think of any contemporary director with a greater reputation for egomania than James Cameron. ...
  • Stanley Kubrick. Some directors allow their actors to warm up to a role in rehearsals. ...
  • Akira Kurosawa. ...
  • Francis Ford Coppola. ...
  • Alfred Hitchcock.
Dec 11, 2014

Who is the No 1 comedy actor? ›

Top Worldwide Leading Stars for Comedy Movies
1Adam Sandler25
2Eddie Murphy23
3Jim Carrey13
4Will Ferrell29
79 more rows

What is the highest grossing R rated comedy? ›

The Hangover became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever in the United States.


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