Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest (2023)

Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest (1)


March 13, 2023

(Video) Greta Van Fleet ft. Ida Mae - I Shall Be Released (Live in Madison) Multicam

(Video) Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune (Official Video)

Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest (2)

Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest (3)

(Video) Greta Van Fleet - Smokestack Lightnin' - House of Blues, Boston MA 7/24/2018

Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest (4)

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Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest (6)

(Video) Michigan rockers Greta Van Fleet reflect on rise to fame

Greta Van Fleet: 03-12-23 ​​​​​​​​"Confessions of an aging rock and roll that must be overdue... When I first heard that an artist named Greta Van Fleet was selling out big arenas, my first thought was: "What's a woman? An opera star plays so well he must have won one of those reality TV shows? I still have a lot to learn! A friend recommended I check out this new band and the first song I heard was 'Heat Above' .. I wanted to hate them but kept coming back thanks Ryan for the tip The Kiszka brothers Josh (vocals) Jake (guitar) and Sam (bass/keyboards) plus Danny Wagner (drums) are unique in their own right, the best of Midwestern American hard rock. Two albums and one EP spawned twelve singles, five of which were No. 1s, which is no mean feat when it comes to success. Pushed back from its original date of October 19, 2022 after frontman Josh broke up drummer during a show on October 8th, the 'Dreams In Gold Tour' has finally arrived at The Well in Greenville. Entering the concourse, I made my way to my seat in Executive Suite 120 (thanks, Don), where I caught my first glimpse of the nearly full arena. Only a few newly built corner seats in the upper bowl remained available during the show. There was a really amazing themed stage with a white background with two huge panels of hanging lights on each side, each panel had 4 squares of 16 lights each (64 in total on each side), along with eight futuristic round circular light poles that looked like antennas , as well as towers and boilers for fire. Stage R to L: Keys (Hammond XP, Nord, Mellotron), Bass, Acoustic 360 amp stack, Deck Drum Set (Sunlight on Drum Head), Marshall Stack Amps, Guitar, Each station was covered by individual front spotlights pointing towards to the audience. Everything was hidden behind the curtain with the symbols of the album 'The Battle Of Garden's Gate' which flooded the stage and hid the set until the performance time. A total 70's glam rock sensation (think Queen)! There was an undeniable sense of anticipation as fans were allowed to line up outside the venue from 7am. for a chance to win first place in general admission on the floor. He had even attended a show at the same venue the night before, and several tents had already been set up on a nearby footbridge to allow fans to ride out the night's storm. The lights went down as we heard Josh Kiszka mouth the lyrics to "Weight of Dreams" in sentence or song form. At 9:03am, the curtain fell on the stage and GVF kicked off with a 12 song (including drum solo) / 2 hour 10 minute set, starting with their #6 'Built By Nations' from their latest album, all performed. in red light. They didn't waste time on the kettles, the first lighting followed immediately after the first guitar solo. Josh wore a white open chest jumpsuit with a dragon print, worn barefoot. His singing throughout the evening was almost exactly the same as the studio recording, but even more dynamic, if that's even possible. Twenty seconds of melodious screaming turned into normal repetition. Jake dressed in a black suit with similar gold dragon patterns and his '61 Les Paul authority. Sam, all white, with an open jacket and a green Fender P, led the way when he wasn't stomping the bass pedals. In the end, he too went barefoot. The set was heavy on the new album with half the songs. Next up was 'Black Smoke Rising' and No.1 'Safari Song' Josh shouted: 'You know what I love? Sounds like it! Every good rock act should have a drum solo, but the incendiary nine-minute powerhouse blasting right behind the gear deserves a gold medal. Josh gave the order to begin, "Do it Danny, do it, Danny lifts us into the air, the door opens as we enter." In the middle of the solo, Josh was carried to the ground by his shoulders. she stretched the long-stemmed white roses until she ran out, then wove her arms until she pushed them through another hole. He made it podium left, then to podium right, before returning to the podium. Finishing the solo, Josh signaled to Danny, "On the ride on the ride on the ride, do what you gotta do, bring it home." host: "I'd like to ask how you are, but I have a pretty good idea." "Tonight, as you know, it's a party we've all made, it's an event, thanks for being here." They came and are here with us. We feel safe with you. Life is a celebration of love and where there is love we will continue to live and, in that philosophy, say our a$$s for the next one. 'Light My Love' opened with Sam's intro to Gershwin's 'Play It Again Sam' and ended with a stunning top-to-bottom rainbow lighting of 'ROY G BIV' across the large side panels. Josh set the tone for Broken Bells', 'Tonight is supposed to be a night of healing, so if you're holding on to something that's bothering you, it's good to admit it, you're always on the mend, you're always on the mend!' acoustic guitar and Jake on the chair and ended with a great electric stand up show! For 'Age Of Machine', the band proved they could really get heavy by turning a 6 minute 54 second song into a fifteen minute experience (more or less), I wish I had timed it. When it was over, Josh joked, "I hope we passed the audition!" The final song of the regular set was "The Weight Of Dreams," which Josh called "one of the best songs we've ever written" and "the thesis of this golden circus of dreams we've been in." Sam now took off his shirt and the lights became smoking towers, filling the entire arena with thick smoke. Josh picked up a tambourine and started dancing like a maniac, ending his spin by throwing it into the crowd like a frisbee. The encore was 'Age Of Man' with more fire and the number one was 'Highway Tune'. Halfway through the song, the band started playing Black Key's "I Got Mine" and a verse from "The Lemon Song". "Champagne, caviar, anyone?" Josh said, downing the bottle in one gulp as he held it to his mouth and threw his head back. I noticed that Danny was now shirtless as the whole band had cut loose. Jake began a harmonica solo duet with Josh who matched the notes to his voice and a cover of Elvis' "That's Alright" was underway. He was silent, “Hey Jake, where the hell are we? (Jake plays a note), "Ah, that's it, that's it," and we're back on track with a reprise of Highway Tune to round out the night. Notably absent from the set, somewhat surprisingly, were 'My Way Soon', 'When The Curtain Falls' and 'You're The One' from #1. Kicking off the night was a surprisingly strong opening selection. Guitarist/singer Robert Finley (blues/soul) started energetically with a relatively short 5-song/25-minute set. The 69-year-old blind Louisianan, who released his debut album at a late age in 2016, demanded and received respect from both when he acted out harvesting gestures during his "Sharecropper's Son." The second opening act, Houndmouth (blues/alt rock), known as the festival's big band, played a 9-song/42-minute set. 2015's No. 1 ranked band from Indiana, 'Sedona', performed well despite two interruptions due to medical emergencies on the floor. We missed at least one song because of the delay: 'We're going to' Skip my cousin Greg, okay can we play 'Darlin'? GVF though, the sound was great, all band members shared vocals and you could hear every word sung. The vibe of the show as a whole was retro. Many fans dressed accordingly in colorful prints, denim and 1970s-inspired clothing, with one fan wearing an "I'm Here For Danny" T-shirt. There seemed to be more female cheerleaders than female fans on the court by a ratio of 3-1. The pyrotechnics were incredible, fire, smoke, strobe explosions, you could feel the heat throughout the arena, it must have been impressive for those lucky fans on stage. Yes, Greta Van Fleet proved to be a real rock show that should be experienced live. Review and photo of DAva (Concert #759)

Greenville, South Carolina@Bon Secours Wellness Stadium


Greta Van Fleet @ National Forest? ›

Greta Van Fleet have announced a 2023 world tour in support of their forthcoming album Starcatcher, out July 21st. The North American leg kicks off July 24th in Nashville, just days after the album drops.

Is Greta Van Fleet touring in 2023? ›

Greta Van Fleet have announced a 2023 world tour in support of their forthcoming album Starcatcher, out July 21st. The North American leg kicks off July 24th in Nashville, just days after the album drops.

Which Greta Van Fleet member has pneumonia? ›

The Grammy-winning band from Frankenmuth, Michigan was forced to postpone and cancel numerous concerts on its “Dreams in Gold” world tour after both Josh Kiszka and Jake got sick. Josh recovered quickly, but Jake went to the hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

What's the deal with Greta Van Fleet? ›

But their name comes from a very specific place. It was coined when Hauck heard a relative of his mention the artist Gretna Van Fleet, another resident of Frankenmuth. Hearing her name sparked the slight variation that would become the moniker for the epic rock band.

Where is Greta Van Fleet based out of? ›

Forming in Frankenmuth, Michigan in 2012, Greta Van Fleet consists of three brothers—vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka and bassist/keyboardist Sam Kiszka—as well as drummer Danny Wagner.

Who is the opening act for Greta Van Fleet 2023? ›

with Kaleo

GRAMMY-winning rock band Greta Van Fleet's Starcatcher World Tour will include a Las Vegas stop at T-Mobile Arena Saturday, Aug. 12, 2023, with support from special guest Kaleo.

Are any members of Greta Van Fleet dating? ›

Jake Kiszka has a girlfriend named Hannah Schooley as of 2021. Danny Wagner's girlfriend is Mackenzi Kellie Anthony, an actress and designer, according to her social media profile.

Why was Greta Van Fleet canceled? ›

Greta Van Fleet Announces Rescheduled Tour Dates Following Frontman's Ruptured Ear Drum. Following their frontman, Josh Kiszka's, ruptured ear drum recovery, rock outfit Greta Van Fleet has rescheduled their postponed Dreams in Gold shows for spring 2023.

Is the lead singer of Greta Van Fleet sick? ›

Lead singer Josh has mostly recovered, but Jake has been hospitalized and the statement quotes doctors as saying they are "confident in their diagnosis of pneumonia and an optimal course of treatment has been determined."

Who was Greta Van Fleet biggest inspiration? ›

23. Greta Van Fleet is (l to r) brothers Sam, Jake and Josh Kiszka and Danny Wagner. Just like Led Zeppelin, Jake says the biggest influence on the band was old school blues guitarists. “That was the one influence we all shared.

What did Josh Kiszka do to indigenous people? ›

Kiszka concluded by noting that he made a “charitable donation” to the First Nations Development Institute, a nonprofit organization that assists Native American tribes, their communities and beyond in economic development through technical assistance, training, policy and grants.

Is Greta Van Fleet ripping off Led Zeppelin? ›

1. Greta Van Fleet. Despite politely asking the music world to stop harping on about their similarities, Greta Van Fleet are arguably one of the best Led Zeppelin emulators out there.

Who does Greta Van Fleet get compared to? ›

Danny stated that a lot of their songs are first written in a "folk set up" before evolving into something else. Greta Van Fleet is often compared to Led Zeppelin. Jake related that he "... went through a year of really intensely studying what [Jimmy] Page did to the point I knew how he thought."

Why did Greta Van Fleet move to Nashville? ›

“It was perspective forcing. Daniel and I were living in L.A., and we quickly realized that this wasn't going to be a thing that was going to just brush over humanity. We knew that it was something serious. And we decided to headquarter out of Nashville.”

Are the twins in Greta Van Fleet identical? ›

That mindset goes a long way towards explaining the insular world that shaped the music of the Kiszka brothers who comprise three-fourths of Greta Van Fleet. They include Josh's fraternal twin Jake, who plays guitar, and their younger brother Sam, on bass.

Who is warming up for Greta Van Fleet? ›

With special guests – The Pretty Reckless & Hannah Wicklund

Greta Van Fleet will be joined by a host of acclaimed artists on their fall tour, including The Pretty Reckless, Houndmouth, Durand Jones & The Indications, Fruit Bats, Robert Finley, Crown Lands, and Hannah Wicklund.

Is Metallica touring with Greta Van Fleet? ›

Event Details. The weekend kicks off on Friday, Feb. 25, 2022 with an unforgettable performance from one of the most influential and successful rock bands in history, Metallica, who will be joined by Greta Van Fleet.

How do I get into Greta Van Fleet? ›

How Can I Get Tickets for Greta Van Fleet's 2023 Tour? Tickets for Greta Van Fleet's “Starcatcher World Tour” are available via StubHub, where orders are 100% guaranteed through StubHub's FanProtect program.

Why is Greta Van Fleet so popular? ›

Greta Van Fleet experienced a meteoric rise since releasing their debut album Anthem of the Peaceful Army. Their throwback sound saw them top charts, tour the world, and even win a Grammy.

How old is Josh Kiszka? ›

How old is Jake from Greta Van Fleet? ›

What is the presale code for the Greta Van Fleet tour 2023? ›

The Greta Van Fleet presale code is VINYL and COVERT on the mobile app.

Do Greta Van Fleet shows sell out? ›

Our second show in London is now officially sold out!


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