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Duolingo is one of the most popular ways to learn a language. Tons of courses, easy to access, well presented, and a vibrant community ready to help with any query.

It is the best? It's free. Any language, open to anyone, anywhere.

But these days everything has a "plus," a premium service designed to take you away from the basic subscription, and Duolingo is no different.

What is Duolingo Plus? How much does that cost? And is it worth it?

We'll see.

Updated May 2022

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What is Duolingo Plus?

If you're familiar with Duolingo, you're probably already familiar with Duolingo Plus. It's what puts the owl in a space suit and gives the app a galactic blue look.

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Simply put, Duolingo Plus is the premium subscription to Duolingo.

It opens the door to some fancy new features and removes some annoying ones.

That is all.

What is Super Duolingo?

Super Duolingo is a rebranded version of Duolingo Plus.

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All functions are exactly the same. The only difference is the name and theme: Super Duolingo trades in the space and galactic atmosphere of Plus for a more colorful and futuristic look.

How much does Duolingo Plus cost?

The cost of Duolingo Plus depends on a few things, such as:Where are you,how long are you subscribed, miwhether you choose an individual or family plan.

In themUnited States of America, Duolingo Plus starts with$6.99 per month.

In themUnited Kingdom, Duolingo Plus starts with£6.49 per month.

I amAustralia, Duolingo Plus starts with$10.83 per month.

Is inYou've got, Duolingo Plus starts with$8.91 per month.

This is based on a 12 month subscription. You can also get 1-month and 6-month subscriptions that cost a little more per month.

There is currently no lifetime plan for Duolingo Plus.

(Video) How To Get Double XP In Duolingo Tutorial

Duolingo Plus Plan familiar

One way to reduce the cost of Duolingo Plus is to subscribe to aDuolingo Plus Plan familiar.

With the family plan, you can join up to 5 other people, friends or family, to save on the annual cost of Duolingo Plus.

The savings can beHuh.

For example, in the UK, a family plan costs £105.99 per year.

Spread over 6 people it's £17.67 a year, so just £1.47 a month!

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Wait, isn't Duolingo supposed to be free?

Yes, Duolingo is 100% free. Duolingo Plus is simply an optional screw-in device.

Free membership includes all essential services such as B. full courses,stories,audio lessonsmiThe league.

In theory, nothing prevents you from getting where you want with just the free subscription. It's a brilliant offer. And if you can stand the ads and stuffherzsystem, you probably won't be interested in Plus.

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Why you may be reluctant to subscribe to Duolingo Plus

In my case, I resisted subscribing to Duolingo Plus for a long time. Several years to be exact.

As we just discussed, Duolingo is known for being a free way to learn languages. Their mission is literally to make language learning easy.free, fun and accessible to all.'

While it was advertised as supporting free education, I couldn't see how a premium service would align with its mission.

And make no mistake: Duolingo Plus is a veryprimaService. If you don't go for the family plan, it's pretty expensive, especially when you consider how solid a free subscription already is.

That's why I've been on the fence for so long.

The free plan gives you access to complete courses on multiple devices. 38 languages ​​in your pocket or on your desktop to learn for free anywhere, anytime. It is undoubtedly one of the best offers when it comes to language learning.

But, as we all know, the owl is persuasive, so I finally gave in and signed up.

And I don't regret it at all.

So should you come with me to the land of pluses?

To answer that, we need to consider a few things: resources and you.

What do you get with Duolingo Plus?

As mentioned, Duolingo Plus adds new features and removes others.

However, you will find that Duolingo Plus does not offer as much as when I originally published the article in March 2021.

Additions include:

  • offline classes [Update: Now included in free subscriptions]
  • progress tracker
  • stretch mark repair
  • Unlimited jumps (so you can try each level if it's too easy for you)
  • libreXP bootTickets (IOS)
  • pronunciation review [update: gone a few months ago]
  • practice center [Update: old inbox bug]
  • legendary levels(unlimited attempts)

Things that Duolingo Plus removes include:

  • Hearts (in the form of "unlimited hearts")
  • Process

It's important to note that Duolingo often releases new features on iOS before Android, so some of the above features may not be available on all devices.

This also applies to A/B testing, where users are randomly selected to receive specific updates.

However, the main benefits of Plus, notably unlimited hearts and no ads, are available to all Plus subscribers, which is ideal since it's the features that make the difference!

Why you should consider a subscription

Still, the question remains: do these additions and omissions justify the price?

To answer that, I've broken it down into three areas that will affect your experience. This should help you better understand how these features compare in context.

less punitive

Let's start with what I think is the biggest benefit of Duolingo Plus.

As great as the free subscription is, something that really bothers me is thisherzsystem🇧🇷 Duolingo claims that it was designed to do this.discourage compulsion🇧🇷 But what is really discouraging is making mistakes. If you get too many questions wrong, you will temporarily lose your license to learn your language.

This is problematic because making mistakes is an essential part of language learning. Exposure, repetition, immersion: these are non-negotiable prerequisites on the path to fluent speech. The heart system creates blockages that can eventually stop it.

Duolingo Plus paves the way with unlimited hearts.

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Don't worry about making mistakes anymore. Stop avoiding difficult lessons for fear of losing your license to learn. With Plus you can dedicate yourself completely to learning your language.

For me, that was the big game changer. Of course, I could always watch an ad, exercise, or spend gems to fill my heart. But those are distractions. I just want to learn a language and not see ads from energy providers that don't interest me.

TIED TOGETHER:It's about time Duolingo dropped the heart system.

More comfortable

Let's face it: Duolingo's free subscription is useful. But Plus takes it to a new level.

Eliminate ads and pave the way for smoother, faster transitions between lessons.

Getting rid of hearts is also very convenient. No more waiting 5 hours to recharge the heart. With Plus, you can immerse yourself in your language anytime, anywhere.

It allows you to download entire courses for offline learning, which means no more waiting for service or asking for WiFi password. Even if you have Internet access 90% of the time, this provides a welcome safety net for the 10% of the time you're wandering in dead zones.

Individually, these benefits don't sound like much; they are certainly not enough to justify the high subscription fee. But together they make a significant difference to the flow and feel of your classes.

support for

The free membership is already a great support (where would we be without the daily boost from Duo?), but with Plus, the owl is even more determined to lead you to language learning success.

Of course, some of the premium features are a bit useless.

If you're on the fence, I doubt a new app icon will convince you to hit "SUBSCRIBE"!

But most of the features are really useful.

The proficiency quiz, for example, gives you a good idea of ​​where you stand in the target language. It measures how much of the course you have completed and how much Duolingo thinks you have mastered.

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it ispractice centeris another function that I use often. It allows you to repeat the questions you got wrong in previous lessons and challenges you with some challenges you may not have faced yet.

He even breaks it down into listening and speaking exercises so you can get super specific in your practice sessions.

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Duolingo Plus also puts you at the front of the line for future new features.

Things like the pronunciation checker (which they removed for some reason...) and the Practice Center are pretty experimental features that Duolingo is excited to roll out to its Plus members first.

That's not always the case, they have been known to test new features with free users as well, but usually the juiciest features roll out to Plus members first.

For this reason, I describe Duolingo Plus as more favorable. It removes the punitive nature of the heart system and creates an environment in which making mistakes and the ability to make them are actively encouraged.

How to cancel Duolingo Plus

If you decide to try Duolingo Plus but decide it's not for you, rest assured that you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you registered throughApp Store de Apple, you need to do it through the settings app. Tap your account at the top of the page, then Subscriptions, Duolingo, then Cancel.

If you registered throughgoogle app store, you can cancel through the Duolingo app. Just tap the Duolingo Plus icon, click Settings, Manage Subscription, and follow the instructions to cancel your subscription.

If you registered throughDuolingo site, all you have to do is go to the website, log in to your account, click on Duolingo Plus and select "Unsubscribe".

Click for more detailshereto read the step by step guide to Duolingo.

for you

Now for the big one. The most important. We look at the features. Now we have to thinkIs he around?.

Why is this the big one? Because deciding if Duolingo Plus is worth the price is a very personal decision. It all comes down to your priorities, goals, and circumstances. From this side of the screen, I can never tell what it is. I can only present the facts and share my experiences.

It's also important to be aware of what Duolingo Plus can do for you. Despite being a premium service, Plus does not allow you to speak the target language fluently. At least not by himself.

BecauseLearning a language requires a balanced diet of study and application.🇧🇷 You can't limit yourself to just one thing.

In my case, Duolingo has a strong presence.

But I also useNordVPNaccess thousands of TV shows and movies in my target languages ​​(see howhere);

Ling Qwork on my reading and listening;

benny lewisspeech hackingBooks – available atFrench,español,GermanmiItalian— work on my speech;

mihellotalkto practice my messages.

Duolingo Plus just improves that part of my diet. It is not a complete superfood that satisfies all my language needs.

In this context, is Duolingo Plus worth it?

As useless as it may seem, only you can decide.

In my case, I think Duolingo Plus is worth it. Because I use it so often (every day for about 10-30 minutes), it makes about $0.22 per day all year long. To me this represents excellent value for money as I can get rid of the heart system and ads and just have the extra features.

But everyone is different here too. So here are my recommendations:

Stick with the free membership if…

  • You are starting your language learning journey
  • You are not willing to make a long-term commitment to Duolingo or your target language
  • Would you rather spend your money on other features?
  • Do you want to reduce expenses?
  • Are you satisfied with the free subscription (for example, don't worry about the cardiac system, advertising, always online classes, etc.)

Consider subscribing to Duolingo Plus if...

  • You've been using Duolingo for a while.
  • You use Duolingo every day (for at least 30 days)
  • They are frustrated with the heart system, advertising, etc.
  • Do you want the extra features?
  • You are in a position where you can justify it financially.

If you're still on the fence about Duolingo Plus...

If you're still undecided, I highly recommend taking advantage of the Duolingo Plus free trial. Duolingo typically offers them every 14 days, which I think is a long time to get a feel for the service and make an informed decision about whether it's worth signing up for.

If 14 days isn't enough, or if free trials aren't offered, it might be worth subscribing for a month to give yourself a little more time to figure out if this is the right subscription for you.

Yes, that opinion!

After all that, what do you think of Duolingo Plus?

Is it something you can subscribe to yourself or are you satisfied with the free subscription?

Already signed up for Duolingo Plus? How about?

Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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