Cryorig H7 Cooler Review - (2023)

Cryorig was kind enough to send us one of their H7 coolers for testing. After our review of yourA40 All-in-One-KühlerIt will be interesting to see how its H7 stacks up against the competition. Cryorig is known for offering coolers that not only perform well but are also very visually appealing. If you haven't already turned to Cryorig to cool your PC, I suggest you at least check out some of the products they offer.

The H7 is a single tower heatsink that comes standard with a QF120 fan. The H7 was designed to cool CPUs with a TDP of up to 140W, so while it might not be the biggest cooler on the block, it should hold its own. With 40 fins on the turret assembly and a nickel-plated copper base, there's no denying the H7 definitely looks like the part on paper. However, we'll need to add it to our 6700K before we can give a final verdict. Does it live up to the Cryorigs' reputation? Will it fall short? Only time will tell, so let's get down to business!

Dimension (with fan)98mm wide x 123mm wide x 145mm high
Weight (with fan)711 Gramm
Weight (without fan)577 Gramm
heat pipes6 mm Heatpipe x 3 Stk
finT = 0,4 mm; Abstand = 2,2 mm
Front bumper parts40 pieces
copper baseC1100 pure copper nickel plated
TDP140 Watt
Dimensions120mm wide x 120mm wide x 25.4mm high
Weight134 Gramm
rated speed330 ~ 1600 U/min ±10%
noise level10 ~ 25 dBA
airflow49 CFM
air pressure1,65 mmH2O

In true Cryorig style, the front of the case shows a large image of the inside of the cooler. There is also a brief description of the cooler and what Cryorig thinks the H7 is.

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Looking through all sides of the box, we found some information about the H7 on one side. Things like installation and RAM compatibility are mentioned in a bit more detail here.

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On the back we see the official specifications of the H7 and the QF120 fan. Here we can also get an accurate overview of the cooler's dimensions using easy-to-understand diagrams so we can make sure this cooler fits where it's supposed to.

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Entering the box and opening the top lid reveals information on how to register the H7 for a 3-year warranty.

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Finally after opening the box and taking everything out we can see what we have. The package contains the cooler, the fan, the mounting kit, the thermal compound, the instructions and the second set of fan brackets.

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Cryorig pays great attention to detail, and one of the places where this is most evident is on the top of their AIR coolers. While many companies don't spend a lot of time making them look good, Cryrorig makes sure yours looks top notch. Cryorig wants you to want to show off your build, and you can't if you're not happy with the way things look. Many companies just leave the heatpipes sticking out at the top without actually doing any work on them. Cryroig got rid of them on their H7 and even added a black fairing/fin for better aesthetics.

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Also, they have some of the prettiest fin arrangements out there. Cryorig wants their coolers to look as good as they perform and it really shows. The h7 has 40 fins and as you can see they have all been carefully added to the fin array. The fins are also designed to support the overall airflow of the radiator, cooling even warmer air faster.

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The QF120 is a 120mm fan with a black bezel and white blades. As usual, the "CR" label is located in the middle of the fan, which has the colored ring on the outside. The fan itself has 11 blades with a maximum speed of 1600 rpm.

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Whilst you are welcome to install a second fan on the H7 if you have one available, Cryorig has gone ahead and made sure that this area is also designed with utmost importance. Looking at the fins, we can see their unique design that helps dissipate heat faster and more quietly, which should result in lower temperatures overall.

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The base is made of nickel-plated copper, as are the 3 x 6 mm heatpipes. To keep the base of the cooler safe there is a warning label that must be removed prior to installation.

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It only takes a few minutes to get the H7 up and running. First you need to prepare the backplate and screws for the socket type of your CPU.

Cryorig H7 Cooler Review - (11)

Insert the screws into the corresponding holes around the CPU socket on the back of the motherboard.

Cryorig H7 Cooler Review - (12)

Then attach the black mounting/height adjustment screws, apply your thermal grease and place the cooler onto the screws. Once you've done that, you'll need to tighten the screws on the back of the motherboard so they screw into the holes in the radiator brackets.

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As Cryorig said, there is no RAM compatibility issue. Even when the fan is switched on, there is still a few millimeters of space between the fan and the RAM bars.

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test system

test system

  • Windows 10 with all current updates
  • Processor Intel i7 6700K Stock / 4.5 GHz at 1,400 V OC
  • Gigabyte Gaming K3 Z170 Mainboard
  • 16 GB Crucial Ballistics Elite DDR4 4x4 GB
  • 2 x 120 GB HyperX Fury-Solid-State-Laufwerke
  • Coolermaster V650 power supply


For our tests, we let all our CPU cores run at 100% with the stress test program Prime 95 for 10 minutes and then monitored them with CoreTemp and CPU-Z. We then took all of the individual core temperature readings and added them up, then divided the total by the number of cores, and finally subtracted the ambient temperature to get our final result.

For the best chance of similar results, all testing is done using a Cooler Master Master Case Pro 5 without both side panels.


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The Cryorig H7 can assert itself as a single-die CPU cooler. Coming back to the benchmark results, it fits right where it should. The biggest factor for me is the overclocking results, which came in at 64c at full load with 47.4dB of power. That's more than enough considering it's a 6700K running at 1.4V. Most users don't work with 1.4V for 24/7 overclocking, but to test the coolers, we used them on all of them. This really gives us a good idea of ​​what the cooler can do, and in the case of the H7 it passed easily.


Cryorig has put a lot of thought into the design of all of their products. What sets them apart for me, especially on the H7, is the top of the cooler. The H7 features an all black top and the heat pipes have been capped to allow for a more attractive appearance. Too many times we've seen companies get lazy at this point and let the bare heat pipe come out of the top of the cooler. Even the fin array design speaks volumes about the pride Cryorig takes in their designs. Cryorig has been around for a number of years now and they do a great job of ensuring that they offer an aesthetically pleasing product.


The H7 is available for around £40 at the time of testing. This is a very good price for a cooler that offers this kind of performance and looks. While there are some that do a little better for less money, they don't always look as good as the H7. If you're looking for raw performance it might be worth a look. However, if you're looking for something that looks good, like the H7, that offers more than passable performance, then the H7 might be for you. £40 isn't much to ask for a cooler these days, so it's nice to see the Cryorigs H7 offered in this price range.

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Many thanks to Cryorig for sending in a sample of their H7 CPU cooler for this test!


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