Copan Maias ruins: The best travel guide (2023)

"Archaeologists agree that Tikal is in New York, which they take to Paris," said the toothless guide as they walk from one pyramid to another. This confidence certainly reached their compliments through the city of love.

Obviously, the guide was probably never in Paris (or New York in the case).

Copáns Steles

See Copan has something very unique that distinguishes him from the rest of the Mayan world's pyramids: his incredibly detailed sculpted sculptures.

Copan is known as Stelae (singular: Stela) and has the largest and most beautiful range of human curry sculptures in Meso -American.

The fact that this type has chosen a rabbit as its symbol, instead of a jaguar or a liar jaga, is still confusing me.

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It is really surprising to know that, instead of being kept in a museum, they are kept in sight, so that everyone is admired next to the pyramids and thus make a precise representation of how life in antiquity was also seen the statues.Fun! I couldn't help thinking about Pharrell's last song when I saw this guy here!

a macaw e Copán Mountain

Copan is also very unique due to two different properties: Red ARA and Military Guards. So you heard well. Let's start with the basics.

Honduras houses one of the most beautiful birds in the world: The Red Main. Try to escape).

Fortunately, there are institutions such as Macaw Mountain specializing in saving them and train them until they are willing to live again in nature.

And yes, the Mayan ruins of Copán were selected as an installation in which the Macaw Macaw Honduran mountains found their own families.

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The first thing you should hear after entering the ruins will be the unmistakable roar of the hands. Don't be afraid, don't bite! In Macaw Mountain, you can even interact with some of you and take all the amazing photos possible.They will definitely try to eat your camera if you are too close to your faces.

Honduras, Copán and the Civil War

So what about the Armed Forces? Honduras is a very misunderstood country, because recently had a military coup in 2009. It's quite normal for the military to watch the city and yes, even within the ruins Mayan! To be sincere, I'm not sure if you areThere to protect visitors or see them. You probably both.

However, the tourist parts of Honduras are completely safe for visitors and the crime against foreigners is extremely rare. The city of Copan Ruinas, 20 minutes from the guatemalent border and 5 minutes from the ruins, is a good example of peaceand stability in Honduras.

Obviously, infrastructure and development are extremely absent (it is quite common that you never see this city, as you usually visit the ruins on a long day of travel, in which the old Guatemala can be reached at 4 am and the ruins at 11am and returnto Guatemala at 16h.

For me? I spent three nights in this beautiful city to explore every inch of the Mayan ruins and relax in this small country of paradise, located outside the general chaos of Honduras. So Copan is very safe, and yes, the military always happy to appear with them inA selfie.

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The Museum of the Sculpture and the Copán Graves

There are two other archaeological views in this area. It is the sculpture museum (for which a separate stick is required) and the other is the archaeological complex of the "tombs", which is on the foot for about 30 minutes.

As I said, most of the Steles are in the sight of Copán's main complex, but the temple of replica in the sculpture museum will certainly leave them speechless. Carefully, at that time, most pyramid temples they are boring with gray rocksBut at that time they are boring, but did you know that they used to be colorful art works of great detailed art?

If you are looking for an archaeological goal out of Copán's reach, the tombs (the Spanish tomb) will definitely be your favorites. It's isolated to believe that you are Indiana Jones who travels to your next adventure.

In addition to wild animals, which also include worms, bees, frogs and lizards, I found only two other people in this complex. Of course they both worked there.Best place to stay without a doubt!

Where you can be in ruins from Copan

Basically, there are only four accommodations and some hotels in the capital of Copan's ruins.Hotel Plaza Copan, A beautiful hotel next to the cathedral. You can see the pool area cathedral. When you talk about pools, I always find places that have one, especially because of the intensive heat of Central America! And yes, you have onePower generator not to need to worry about energy failures!

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How long should you stay in Copán? Obviously, you can theoretically see all Copan's views in a day or two, but will fall in love with the relaxed way of life that will probably be longer. Fact is a very considerable number ofExpatients who have made their home and are now teaching children or run small businesses throughout the city.

Unfortunately, most people tend to jump completely to Honduras and El Salvador and travel directly from Guatemala to Nicaragua, but trust me, Copan -Rins has the potential to be the highlight of his Central America Miracles Journey.

To get here, you can take a direct transport from USD from Alter Guatemala to go to 4 am, or you can do it alone taking a combination of chicken bus: Old-chiquimula-o Copan Flower.1 to 2 USD for each streaming.

Don't forget to use Miracles Miracles LinkMake hotel reservations.

The same price for you and a small money commission for this site.

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Sweet treatment, right?

Have you heard of Copan ruins, Honduras? Would you like to visit? Do you love Maakawien? Share your thoughts and let you know what you think!

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