Cooking classes in Cartagena (2023)


What better way to remember your incredible vacation in Cartagena de Indias than by walking into your kitchen and preparing a Colombian delicacy? Cooking classes with Cartagena Connections are relaxed, informal, fun and informative. Oh! It's delicious!
We have a wide range of options offered by different restaurants in Cartagena and for different budgets and needs. And if you don't find anything that interests you among those listed below, contact us and let's see what else we can come up with. Cooking and/or bartending classes are also a great group experience. perfect for corporate events, weddings and bridal showers, etc.

Minimum class size:For the next cooking classes we need at least 2 people. If you are just one person, you must sign up for another confirmed course or pay for 2 people.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (1)

TIME: 10:30 a.m.
PRICE: 250,000 PP

These workshops, held in a beautiful cooking studio in the Getsemaní neighborhood and taught by the friendly chef from Cartagena María Angélica, consist of preparing (and eating) a delicious 3-course meal (during the day) or (at night) an Expert Workshop Mastery. of specific dishes (ceviche, rice and pasta, arepas or vegetarian). These are perfect hands-on courses for everyone from beginners to cooking enthusiasts. You will receive instruction in culinary and cutlery techniques that will expand your culinary repertoire, as well as introduce you to the flavors and typical recipes of the region.

The class includes:
- Welcome drink (non-alcoholic)
- Glass of wine with the meal

Menu 1 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Sea bass ceviche with banana and lemongrass emulsion
Mote de queso (local specialty soup made of yams and cheese)
Cartagena black posta accompanied by rice with coconut, ripe plantain (another local specialty) and avocado there
Tree tomato dessert in syrup

Menu 2 (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

Shrimp and Mussels Cocktail
Crab carimañolas (typical local sandwich of stuffed and fried cassava dumplings)
Snapper, coconut rice and banana tostones
Enyucado dessert (gluten-free cassava and coconut cake)

If you have any allergies or preferences, please let us know and we can request changes to this menu.

Not included:Drinks and additional food that you want to purchase, transportation to the restaurant.

It is also possible to book private classes and you can choose a different menu for your group if you wish. The price is 1,200,000 pesos for 1-8 people, or for groups of more than 8 you pay the same price per person as for group courses (200,000 pesos per person).

Email for reservations:
Be sure to request this special cooking class using the code Cooking Class CL01
A 20% deposit is required to reserve your reservation.

IMPORTANT:Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (2)

TIME: 8:00 a.m.
PRICE: 375,000 PP

Only available in combination with the Caribbean Flavors Cooking Class, this option allows you to experience the sensory overload of Mercado Bazurto in the company of Chef María Angélica. They meet at his restaurant in Gethsemane and then go together to shop for ingredients, learn about the market, and meet the locals. After exploring the maze, head back to the restaurant for the cooking class (as detailed above).

To reserve this option, you must request us via email CL02 (Cooking Class and Market Visit).
A 20% deposit is required to reserve your reservation.

(Video) Cartagena market tour and cooking class


TIME: 5pm
PRICE: 250,000 PP

Evening classes at this Gethsemane-dedicated cooking studio focus on a specific theme and allow you to master specialties such as ceviche, various local rice and pasta dishes, arepas, and vegetarian dishes. Each night offers a different specialty, as well:

CEVICHE (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Fresh, light and perfect for Cartagena's hot summer weather, ceviche is exactly what you want to eat. This experience will give you everything you need to make your own amazing ceviches...and then you'll be ready to gobble them up. This is another of the workshops held at Gethsemane Cooking Studio, which has an incredible view from the second floor.

Your course includes a welcome drink and a glass of wine.

Prepare 4 types of ceviche. The ceviches that you will prepare are:

@ Corvina ceviche with lemongrass emulsion of plantain, avocado, pickled red onion and bell pepper.
@ Green sleeve ceviche with corozo fruit, hibiscus and crispy lula
@ Prawn and mussel cocktail with parsley and avocado
@ Vegetarian ceviche made from fresh coconut, corn and edible flowers (vegan)

A 30-minute ceviche demo can also be booked for your event. María Angélica can go to the chosen place and carry out a basic demonstration that includes a small portion per participant and a cocktail. Please contact us if she is interested and we can make you an offer together.


Classic rice and pasta dishes that fill you up and are great when you have a crowd to feed. These are dishes that will keep you coming back long after your vacation is over because they are so satisfying and easy to incorporate into your home kitchen.

Your course includes a welcome drink and a glass of wine with your meal.

You prepare:
Paella: a fun Caribbean version of the Spanish classic
Fideúa Lunatico – a pasta specialty that is one of coffee's biggest hits
Arroz de Lagosta Caldosa - Seafood rice served with lobster broth

AREPAS (Saturday)

Give us our daily arepa today! There are at least 50 different types of arepas enjoyed in Colombia and Venezuela and the locals simply couldn't live without them. Learn to master 5 different arepas (from salty to sweet) and impress all your Colombian friends forever.

You are going to do:
Hey Arepa
Arepa stuffed with minced meat and avocado
Black arepa with seafood
Vegetarian arepa based on beetroot and avocado tartare
sweet anise arepa

Your course includes a welcome drink and a glass of wine with your meal.

The menu is defined weekly. Please email us if you are interested in this workshop so we can tell you about the dishes you would prepare.

To book one of these evening workshops, enter the code CL03 in your email to and tell us which day and which special menu you would like to choose.
Please let us know of any dietary restrictions or preferences at the time of booking and we can confirm they can be accommodated.

Private cooking experiences are also available for your group, if your group is larger than 8 people the usual 250,000 pesos per person applies.

Reserve your evening workshop by sending an email to quoting the code CL03 Specialty Workshop and indicating which day and specialty you would like to choose. Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment, but if you have a last minute booking, just WhatsApp us and we'll see if we can accommodate you.
A 20% deposit is required to reserve your reservation.

(Video) Cooking class in Cartagena, COLOMBIA! (HEAD ON FISH WITH EYES!!)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (4)

Learn to make the famous Fideúa in the Rice & Fideúa workshop

Cooking classes in Cartagena (5)

Become the most popular person in town after learning how to master the classic Colombian snack: arepas.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (6)

TIME: 10:30 a.m.
PRICE: 350,000 pages.

Hosted by the lovely Carolina, this class focuses on sharing Cartagena's most traditional and popular recipes and showcasing local ingredients. Duration was quoted at 3-4 hours, but it's common for those who choose to take this class to have fun with Superhost Caro late into the night. Caro specializes in connecting visitors to the emotion, history, and tradition behind each dish and helping them better understand Cartagena's culture. The other advantage of this class is the beautiful space in which it is located. Big, huge ceilings, full of light and chic. Here is a list of possible menu items. The menu is based on the ingredients of the day, but we can easily accommodate vegetarians and other dietary preferences, so please let us know.

Hake ceviche
Mango Ceviche
crab cocktail
Mote de queso (it's a thick white soup/stew made with yams and cheese from the local farm, just like a Creole fondue!) V
Patacones with Cheese V

main prairie
Sticky yellow rice with chicken, pork and beef wrapped in bijao leaves (traditional rice from Cartagena called pastel, similar to a pamonha)
Seafood stew in tomato sauce and coconut milk (seafood casserole)
Posta Cartagenera (pot roast) simmered in a sweet pot sauce with coconut rice and patacones)
Cassava gnocci in blue cheese sauce (non-traditional dish, but a fantastic fusion of traditional ingredients and a French touch).

Enyucao (typical cassava dessert)
"Soup" of white chocolate, coconut milk and passion fruit.

You will learn to make your own cocktail, for example a mojito, and you will be able to do it during most of the class, that is, "unlimited".
Wine and other drinks can be purchased separately.

To book, send an email specifying the option OLL01 and inform us of your preferred day and the number of people who wish to attend the course. A 20% deposit is required to guarantee your reservation.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (7)

TIME: 7:30 am Reception at the hotel
PRICE: 450,000 pages.

(Video) Cartagena Cooking Class

The full Cartagena cooking class (as explained above) along with a visit to Mercado Bazurto with your host Carolina is a full day option for anyone who really wants to immerse themselves in Cartagena's cuisine and culture. Browse the market, choose your ingredients, and then head back to prepare your 3- or 4-course feast complete with cocktails.

To book, send an email specifying the option OLL01 and inform us of your preferred day and the number of people who wish to attend the course. A 20% deposit is required to guarantee your reservation.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (8)

TIME: 7:30 am Reception at the hotel
PRICE: 250,000 pp

Explore the market with the charismatic Carolina, then return to her charming restaurant for a relaxing feast. This option includes hotel pickup, a comprehensive market tour, and then a full brunch that includes breads and pastries, tropical fruits, eggs, and a variety of other brunch items. A fantastic way to start the day and experience the market in a more 'civilized' way!

Note: While you will help set the table and maybe cut some fruit, this option does not include an actual cooking class with instructions.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (9)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (10)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (11)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (12)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (13)

DURATION: 3 hours
SCHEDULE: 11:00-14:30 (lunch) or 16:00-19:30 (dinner)
PRICE: 230,000 pesos per person

Cartagena's first dedicated cooking school, Sky Kitchen is a beautifully restored house in the center of Cartagena with 3 types of cooking classes and a cocktail making class. The kitchen was specially designed for cooking classes, so everything is spacious and purpose-built. In classes, the host will demonstrate each dish and then each participant will prepare their own version of it to eat afterwards.

The menu options are:

1. Colombian Menu (4 dishes from all over Colombia)

1. Gang:stuffed arepitas
Thick corn arepas stuffed with chicken and/or vegetables

2. Course:fried plantains
Plantain baskets stuffed with shrimp and/or tomato and onion sauce

3. Gang:Fish in Bijao
Amazonian way of cooking a fish on a large sheet

4. Gang:Pineapple Coconut Cake
Coconut Pineapple Cake

2. Cartagena Menu (classics enjoyed on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts)
1. Gang:boroxide
Pasta based on aubergines and ripe bananas

2. Course:Potato soup
Vegetable soup with green plantain and chicken meatballs

3. Gang:To Cartagena
Traditional roast beef with coconut rice

4. Gang:towed
Cake made with cassava, coconut and cheese

3. Peru-Menu
1. Gang:full cause
Mashed Potatoes with Lemon and Mild Pepper Paste
stuffed with chicken and avocado

2. Course:ceviche(Ceviche variation for second visitors)
Salted fish with corn and sweet potatoes

3. Gang:salty sirloin
Shredded beef, onion and tomato
with rice and yellow potatoes

4. Gang:picarone
Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pasta Baked with Molasses

Most of the above menus can be changed to vegetarian or vegan. Please inform us of any dining restrictions at the time of booking and we will confirm.

If you are interested in these cooking classes or have any other questions, just quote code SK01 when you email us about cooking classes and also let us know how many people are in your group and what dates and if you prefer lunch or dinner .

Special menus can be requested by appointment and will be charged and offered separately.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (14)

TIME: 11 am or 5 pm
PRICE: 100,000 or 200,000 p.p.

Fresh, clean and mega satisfying, the South American continent has been repeating ceviche for centuries and now the rest of the world is catching up. Traditional Colombian Caribbean versions used fruit juices to preserve and "cook" the fish, which has evolved into a variety of different versions through international influences. This cooking class has two options, a 1 hour version and a 2-3 hour version. The mini version includes a short preparation and a smaller ceviche. The full class also includes making patacones and arepas to go with your great ceviche. Your hostess for this experience will once again be the charming Carolina. Book this cooking class with the code OLL04 and tell us if you prefer the mini version of 1 hour or the full class.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (15)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (16)

Cooking classes in Cartagena (17)


TIME: 10 a.m.
PRICE: 500,000 pp

Caribbean-Colombian cooking classes inspired by the region's biodiversity and its mix of cultures offered by Proyecto Caribe, the dynamic duo behind Restaurant Celele. During the class, the participants will have the opportunity to interact with the chef and learn about traditional ingredients and recipes from the Colombian Caribbean. These courses are priced higher compared to other courses available in Cartagena, with the difference reflected in the ingredients used, the time spent with internationally recognized chefs, and the high standard of the meals prepared.

The experience includes:
welcome cocktail
Introduction to Colombian Caribbean Cuisine
Cooking class where you will learn to prepare 3 dishes
Lunch (3 dishes + 2 drinks)
class memory
Participation certificate

If you are interested in this option, please email us quoting PC01 and let us know if you have any allergies or food preferences.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (18)

TIME: Flexible
PRICE: 150,000 pp

Discover recipes that are among the oldest in the world, passed down from generations of former African slaves to their descendants in Palenque and Cartagena. With hostess Carolina's guidance, she masters local favorites like cocadas, bolas de tamarindo, and enyuca, then gobble them up (or take some home as gifts or for later). To book, please email us with the code OLL05 and be sure to let us know your preferred start time.


Cooking classes in Cartagena (19)

TIME: 9/10 a.m.
PRICE: 200,000 p.p.

Designed with the little ones in the family in mind, this cooking class is a fantastic activity for the kids while you're in Cartagena. This is a complete cooking class, where 3 dishes with different options are prepared. The menu is created with dietary needs and preferences in mind (this is the only cooking class where menu items are likely not to be based on traditional Colombian recipes). It is a highly interactive and hands-on course that will appeal to children of all ages and hopefully further inspire or fuel a passion for the culinary arts.
This is a course for children. Adults who wish to come as helpers for their children are welcome by appointment. Please let us know the ages of the participants and any dietary preferences by sending us an email quoting the reference code OLL06. Also tell us what time you prefer to start (between 9 and 10).


Cooking classes in Cartagena (20)

DURATION: flexible
TIME: Flexible
PRICE: 90,000 pp (only groups of 6 people or more)

Booked as a group experience, this is a fantastic way to try a wide range of tropical fruits, learn about their properties, and have a fun dining experience. Colombia is blessed with one of the most diverse fruits in the world. If you can't list everything in the photo above, this might be the option for you and your group. A great activity for weddings, corporate events, etc. For more information send us the code OLL07


Cooking classes in Cartagena (21)

TIME: Flexible
PRICE: 90,000 pp

You put the lemon in the coconut, you drank them bot. That's pretty much it. And it's delicious! To learn how to make this popular and decadent drink, book this Coconut Lemonade Workshop with host Carolina and get ready to taste the best drink you'll ever taste. Use the code OLL08 and tell us what time you prefer to start.


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