Buy the best souvenirs from the coronation of King Carlos III now (2023)

King Charles' coronation will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday, May 6th, and the best coronation memorabilia is already flying off the shelves. Those of us who have no intention of taking to the streets forroyal courtshipthey'll throw block parties or crowd around the televisions in the living room. There are crown-patterned glasses on the table and a Union Jack pennant in the window. Even more exciting: we get afestive day.

What about us Brits who buy souvenirs for royal occasions? If anyone can answer that question, it's the name of the woman whose name is synonymous with royal-themed gifts, Emma Bridgewater: “We're good at pomp and ceremony. Our realistic feelings run deep and only come to the fore in the big chance of Bunting Fever for a few days. It's a moment of deep connection. I think commemorative goods are associated with it. It's a way to capture that feeling afterwards.

Which coronation souvenirs will retain their value?

"Invest in limited edition items such as coins and stamps," says Anita Lo, owner ofClara Kiste, an online store for vintage fashion and collectibles. “The 50 cent coin minted for thebirthdayit had just over a million in circulation in May and was on eBay for £450. An uncirculated £50 note featuring Queen Elizabeth II has been offered online for over £10,000.

Will it be a coronation medal for King Charles III? to give?

It is expected that the King's Coronation Medal will be issued after the coronation. When new monarchs are crowned, a coronation medal is minted and awarded to members of the royal family, selected members of the royal house and state, civil servants, military personnel, mayors, police officers and other dignitaries. This number is in the thousands, but not available for purchase.

A medal commemorating the king's coronation will be available for purchase separately (see below). Sold in support of the Armed Forces charity SSAFA, entries are restricted to those serving the Crown, eg soldiers and police, and their families.

Whether you're a military medal collector or more of an Emma Bridgewater mug lover, we've got the best of King Charles III's coronation memorabilia below. We spoke to experts, researched the value, and stayed away from all things cheesy. By the way, if you're wondering about stamps, an official set of Royal Mail coronation stamps will be announced soon.

The best memories of the coronation of King Carlos III

1. Royal Mint 1 Oz Silver Bullion Coin

£27, Royal Mint

The Royal Mint's Best Coronation Souvenir

No major British event goes by without the Royal Mint producing special edition legal tender coins. This £2 coin made of 999 fine silver (i.e. 99.9% purity) is the first gold coin to feature King Charles III. It is perhaps the best memory to invest.

(Video) 15 Things That Will Happen At The Coronation Of King Charles III

"Limited edition silver and gold coins will retain their value over time," says Anita Lo, although she cautions, "The market is volatile so it may take a while for the investment to pay off."

Emma Bridgewater adds: “Issuing the Royal Mint is one of my favorite activities. I've always liked the idea that money is really precious."

Medal maker AWARD minted this commemorative medal for the coronation of King Charles in support of the SSAFA Armed Forces charity. It is available for purchase by veterans and current members of the Armed Forces, Emergency Services employees and volunteers, Correctional Service officers and law enforcement community, and Victoria Cross and George Cross holders. Family members and direct descendants can also apply. FORMiniature version of the's available to everyone else for £17.50.

The medal depicts the Crown, Orb and Specter surrounded by the inscription "The Coronation of His Majesty Charles III" and is dated May 6, 2023.

"There is a niche market for medals and military and collectible items that sell for decent sums at auctions," says Anita Lo. However, he cautions that the miniature medal is unlikely to hold its value as it is mass-produced.

3. Decantador Royal Scot Crystal

£ 175, Royal Scot Kristall

The ultimate luxury coronation keepsake

(Video) A Guide to the Coronation - What will change in the Coronation of Charles III?

If you're looking for something a little more indulgent to celebrate the coronation with, this Royal Scot Highland Square Crystal Spirit Decanter might be for you. It's perfect for serving that whiskey after dinner.

The pitcher is engraved with the words "King Charles III Coronation 2023" with the King's Royal Cipher in the centre. It comes in a gold satin box along with a small greeting card. Anita confirms that Lo is worth as much as she seems.

"Collectors are looking for rare, limited edition, vintage or custom-made pieces," he says. "This is a beautiful example as it is hand carved and made of glass."

"It's very special," adds Emma Bridgewater. “I always say don't make dust collectors – I love the idea of ​​making things that people use.”

4. Jan Constantine Coronation God Save King Kissen

£ 125, Jan Constantine

(Video) 10 Things That Will Happen For Charles III's Coronation

The best coronation keepsake for housewares

British designer Jan Constantine has long been associated with British memorabilia: she designed official merchandise for the London 2012 Olympic Games, produced a collection for the Queen's Jubilee and worked with British brands such as Fortnum, Mason and Pimm's. From himcoronation collectionIt is handmade with pure wool and hand embroidered with real motifs.

We especially like this God Save the King pillow, stitched with antique gold in deep navy blue. Anita Lo doubts its value will increase much due to the wide availability of similar items, but Emma Bridgewater is a huge Constantine fan. “My whole mission is similar to Jan Constantine's, which is to do useful things,” he says. "And I always wish I had more cushions for my porch."

5. Emma Bridgewater Coronation Mug

£ 23, Emma Bridgewater

The best memory of the coronation cup

Unsurprisingly, Emma Bridgewater's coronation collection first went on sale in February. "Everybody knew a coronation was coming," says Emma. "We are selling at a very good price."

(Video) Everything you should know about King Charles's coronation

Bridgewater Ceramics Company was founded in 1985, just one year before Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding. "Since then, we've thought of every actual event in some way," says Emma. "We always know it's going to be big and we do a lot of things for that."

This special King Charles III Coronation 1/2 liter mug is adorned with purple streamers above a crown, lions and the words "King Charles".

"Souvenir mugs are always popular and ceramic companies will see a healthy increase in sales," says Anita Lo. “They are perfect for long weekend showers and can be used for years to come. It won't increase in value over time, but I will buy a fun mug to celebrate the special occasion, as well as maybe some Royal Mint coins."

6. Fortnum's musical coronation can

£ 35, Fortnum e Maurer

The best gift to crown the novelty.

This Fortnum Musical Coronation open cookie jar is just the right side of flavor, playing "God Save the King" as it slowly rotates. Inside is a selection of biscuits paying tribute to the Commonwealth, including Fiji Gingerbread Biscuits, Scottish Ling Heather Honey Biscuits, South African Milk Chocolate Biscuits, Macadamia Biscuits and Clotted Cream Biscuits. All of them were handcrafted in Lancashire.

Do our experts agree? "I want to complete everything," says Emma Bridgewater. "I would like to eat Coronation cookies from Coronation tins and Coronation tea from Coronation mugs."


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