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The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is a community of people working together for peace, equality and justice and against racism, occupation and colonization.

Together, we are the UK's largest organization dedicated to defending the human rights of Palestinians.

The PSC brings together people from all walks of life to defend the rights and freedoms of Palestinians.

We agree that Israel's violation of international law, its continued military occupation of Palestine and its systematic discrimination against Palestinians are unacceptable; So let's do something together.

We face corporations that profit from the occupation, our government that still refuses to hold Israel accountable, and the media that doesn't report the truth. And we are building a mass movement for Palestine in Britain.

We believe in the power of people. The more of us come together and call for justice and equality, the stronger our voice will be. We know that together we can take power from governments, corporations and media and win.

What does the PSC think?

Palestinians should have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else.
But not at the moment.

we believeno one should be denied their rights or treated differently because of their ethnicity or religion. But this is happening now with the Palestinian people in the hands of the Israeli government.

we believeThere can be a peaceful and just end to decades of occupation and oppression that respects the rights and dignity of Palestinians and Israelis. But until that happens, we have a responsibility to defend Palestinian rights.

we believeThis change in Britain may affect changes in Palestine. The Israeli occupation can only survive as long as the international community supports it. As Israel's key ally, Britain is well positioned to exert significant influence.

we believethat when people unite, we have the power to change the course of history. So we are building a mass movement for Palestine, with people from all walks of life. Together, we stood up against our government, big business and the media and made it clear that the occupation, violations of international law and state-sanctioned discrimination are unacceptable.

What are the objectives of the PSC?

The PSC campaigns for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and for peace and justice for all people in the region.

In particular, the PSC was created to carry out the following campaigns:

  • In support of the rights of the Palestinian people and their struggle to assert those rights.
  • Against the oppression and dispossession suffered by the Palestinian people.
  • Promotion of Palestinian civil society in the interest of democratic rights and social justice.
  • Oppose Israel's occupation and aggression against neighboring countries.
  • For the self-determination of the Palestinian people.
  • For the right of return of the Palestinian people.
  • For the immediate withdrawal of the State of Israel from the occupied Palestinian territories.
  • Against racism, including anti-Jewish prejudice and Islamophobia, and against apartheid and the Zionist nature of the State of Israel.

where does your money come from

The PSC thrives on the donations of our members and supporters, without which we simply would not exist. We ask our followers to do sodonate to our workso that we can continue our campaign for as long as necessary.

We do not accept money from governments, political parties or large companies, so we are truly independent in our campaigns.

We are not a charity. As a political campaign, we are not entitled to the financial benefits of being a nonprofit, which makes fundraising even more difficult. However, political campaigning is critical to contributing to a solution so that Palestinians can determine their own future and no longer depend on international aid or charitable support.

What do you spend your money on?

Campaigns cost money: Influencing politicians, challenging government policies, holding the media accountable, taking over corporations and building a mass movement cannot be done for free.

Most of our funds are spent directly on our campaigns: organizing protests, rallies, lobbying and vigils; and pay for technology, brochures, equipment, our office and a small staff.

As a grassroots organization, allDonationwe receive makes a big difference in what we are capable of.

Are you affiliated with any political party or faction?

No. The PSC is not affiliated with any political party here in the UK or Palestine.

We work with UK political parties across the spectrum to bring about real change in UK government policy towards Palestine and Israel.

We do not support any particular political party in Palestine. We believe in democracy; It is up to the Palestinian people to determine their own future. We are committed to Palestinian self-determination and do not interfere in Palestinian internal politics.

How do you decide what to promote?

We are a democratic organization run by members, so create our campaigns. If you haven't yetjoin usHello!

Every year we have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we define our campaign priorities for the coming year. We also work with our colleagues in Palestine and hear what they think our campaign priorities should be.

We are guided by our goals (see above) and all campaigns must promote these goals.

How did you change?

For over 30 years, PSC supporters have been at the forefront of the British Palestinian rights movement and together we have achieved incredible success. Here are some:

In October 2014, theBritish Parliament voted to recognize Palestine- PSC supporters sent 57,000 emails asking our deputies to vote, resulting in the largest approval vote ever taken. we convincedJohn Lewis will stop selling Soda Stream- Picketing and petitions eventually forced John Lewis to stop stocking his products made in illegal Israeli settlements. With BDS partners around the world, we createVeolia sells its stake in Jerusalem Light Rail and G4S promises to sell its subsidiary G4S Israel;both companies withdraw from Israel.

Have complaints from our volunteer teamForced apology after correction by the BBC in recognition of its biased reporting.. Major news and current affairs programs, including Today and Newsnight, violated the guidelines or were forced to issue corrections.

In the 2015 general election, more than 1,000 parliamentary candidates responded to more than 36,000 emails asking for their opinions and allowed them to do so.Palestine, the biggest foreign policy issue in the elections. In 2014, during the brutal Israeli bombing of Gaza, we brought150,000 people took to the streets to protestthe bombing and show your solidarity with the people of Gaza.

In December 2018, the banking giant followed after a sustained campaign by the PSC and other partner organizationsHSBC announced that it has completely divested itself of Elbit Systems– Largest arms manufacturer in Israel.

We know that each of these achievements is small and occupation alone will not end it. But they all add up.Every victory is a step towards justice. Each victory brings us one step closer to a free Palestine..

How are you governed?

The PSC is a democratic organization governed by an elected council called the Executive Committee (EC). Each year at our annual general meeting, members, branches and affiliates elect volunteers to serve on the Executive Committee. These members are accompanied by representatives from our Student and Youth Committee and the Union Advisory Board.

Members of the Executive Committee direct the work of the PSC between general meetings, including through at least six board meetings during the year.

The AGM sets the campaign's priorities for the coming year through an agreed annual plan, the implementation of which is overseen by the Executive Committee.

You can find more information about our democratic structures in ourConstitution.

How can I find out more about what is happening in Palestine and Israel?

In our you will find a lot of informationdata sheetsand later copies ofNews from PalestineE noresourcessection of this website. For up-to-date information on what's happening locally, you can also follow usFacebookÖblood.

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)They have some brilliant features on their website includingdata sheets, jthis guideabout having difficult conversations with people about Israel and Palestine.

ANDVisualize a PalestinaThe site contains some brilliant infographics that illustrate the far-reaching impact of Israeli colonization on Palestinians, including the shrinking Palestinian land, the discriminatory Israeli identity system, and the illegal separation barrier.

There are a number of news sites that provide excellent coverage of Palestine, includingpersecution in the middle east,Ma'an News Agency,Electronic Intifada, jeye of the middle east

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