7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (2023)

Anyone who has ever told you that men feel and react the same way as women is living in an illusion and doesn't know what they are saying. The truth is that men respond to silence and distance while women respond to communication and sincerity.

The sooner you realize that men are different from women, the easier it will be for you to attract a man. And it doesn't matter if he recently got into a romantic relationship or if he's been in one for a while, he'll eventually have trouble balancing communication and distance in your relationship.

In most cases, you tend to solve most of your problems by confronting your partner, since he or she refrains from expressing their feelings and tends to shut down when the argument starts.

The more you push him, the higher he will build his emotional walls. He becomes this emotionally constipated man who will never learn to express his feelings and sooner or later his relationship will fall apart.

But have you ever thought about keeping quiet and not saying anything? There is a relationship rule that you may have forgotten that can greatly improve your connection with your partner.

It's not just for those who have recently separated where one couple wants the other back. It can also be used by couples who are struggling to rekindle their spark and are trying to make it work against all odds.

This tool is known as the no contact rule.

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How you implement this tool depends a lot on the situation you find yourself in.

Maybe he recently broke up with you and you're trying to find a way to get his attention. Losing touch can certainly improve your chances of getting him back because he will wonder why your life is going so well even though you are no longer with him.

His curiosity will be piqued, and as a result, he will try to contact you first.

But the only drawback of using the no contact rule is that you need patience. During this time, you cannot text him, call him, or even browse his social media profiles. And when she finally gets back to you, you'll have to resist the urge to respond.

On the other hand, if the two of you haven't broken up but have some issues that need to be worked out, you might want to employ the simpler version of just not contacting him first. Instead, you expect him to make a real effort, where you will see that he is willing to sacrifice his ego for you, before you start responding to his messages.

How does silence and distance affect a man?

It is very interesting to see how a man reacts when his partner does not say anything about him. Your first thought should never be to seek revenge, because if you do, the situation can only get worse.

So how does silence and distance affect a man?

1. He is starting to miss you

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One of the main reasons no contact has such tremendous power is so that your partner has time to miss you. That is why men respond to silence and distance.

When the two of you hang out every other day, it's very hard to give him enough emotional space to miss you.

I know what you're thinking: you love him, you enjoy your time together, so why not spend every available minute with him? Well, there are cases where breaking up with your loved one can really reignite the passion in the relationship.

You may have gotten a little too comfortable after being together for so long, and that's okay. It's normal to feel secure after being in a relationship for a while.

But if you distance yourself from him, your old feelings will come back and heI miss you. It may take him some time to realize this, but he will eventually come to his senses and see how much happier and more content he is when he is with you.

2. The less he knows, the more he fascinates you

After a few days of silent, no-contact treatment, he'll wonder what you're doing, where you've been, and who you've been with. It will have a huge impact on your state of mind, it will drive you crazy.

You two shared everything and now he remains in the dark.

He won't know if you're happy or sad. Or when you embarked on that adventure that you wanted to do so much.

Your mind will race and you will not be able to control your thoughts. He might even start planning ways to "accidentally" bump into you, just so he doesn't lose the connection he has with you.

He'll be interested in finding out as much as he can about you while he tries to come up with a plan to get you back on your feet.

3. Silence and distance confuse you

7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (3)

Men respond to silence and distance with confusion because they don't know what's going on in their heads.

Maybe your partner got used to receiving your text messages every morning or hearing you say you love them all the time. Now that it's all over, he can't help but wonder why you suddenly changed.

He will be completely surprised by your behavior and the new way things work.

Don't be surprised if he calls you in the middle of the night or chokes you on him."I need you"Music lyrics. Remember what your ultimate goal is and keep your distance.

Don't give in to your emotions even though you still care about him. If you give yourself to him, he will know that he has you in his hands.

But if you add stillness and detachment to his arsenal, he will be fascinated and shaken. He won't know what to do next because he's not used to seeing you like this.

4. He thinks he can lose you

be in oneLong-term relationshipit gives you some sense of security that your partner will never leave you. And maybe your boyfriend never thought you would leave because he was sure of your bond with him.

Maybe he valued you. You wanted to solve all your problems through communication, but it just didn't work out. It made him feel suffocated and like you were trying too hard to make it work, much harder than he was.

Maybe he thought you cared more than he did, but with the silent treatment, you can turn the tables and regain control of the situation.

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Once you've given him a taste of his own medicine and shown him that the part of you that tried his best to solve problems by talking to him shouldn't provoke him, he'll start to realize he made mistakes.

The thought of losing you will hit him suddenly. Eventually, when you figure out two things and get back together, you'll like him more and express yourself more freely than before.

5. It interrupts your routine

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Tell me this: Does your partner react the same way when the two of you argue? Maybe he breaks into the other room to play his video games? Or maybe he goes to his parents' house to give you some space to calm down and when he comes back he pretends nothing happened?

If that's the case, you should definitely try to enforce the no contact rule.

This time, when he realizes that your reaction is different from all the times before, he won't know what to do. He will feel uncomfortable because he has entered unfamiliar territory where nothing else makes sense to him.

He will be speechless and afraid of losing you forever. Plus, you'll feel lost and have trouble figuring out how to respond appropriately to this new regimen.

Also, men often respond to silence and distance by shutting down completely because they have no interest in continuing their relationship or even realize something is wrong.

Can you relate to this? If so, take a deep breath and give yourself some time to think. List all the pros and cons of a relationship with him. But don't be afraid to admit that it is.wrong manfor you.

6. Begin to examine your past struggles.

Not talking to your partner for days can change the way you perceive certain things.

As soon as he realizes that you are distant, he will start to think about what happened in the past. Suddenly, you won't have a problem analyzing the moments when the two of you disagreed.

It may be that your husband is realizing for the first time that he is the cause of your problems and has not even bothered to put himself in your shoes.

He will start overthinking and getting overwhelmed trying to figure out what made you want to distance yourself from him and if it was something he did.

He will question your every move and think about the things he could have done differently.

At this point, he will come to his senses and realize that he should have appreciated your actions and words more, because this situation is unbearable for him. It seems like he's walking on eggshells because he doesn't know how you feel or what you think of him.

7. He gets very emotional and upset

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Once he sees that you are enjoying your life without him, he will try to contact you. He will call you to tell you how much he misses you, but at the same time he will be angry with himself.

And why shouldn't you if your ego is hurt! He'll wonder what he can do to get you back on your feet and start chasing you again.

I know this sounds a little weird to you because it's not an emotion you want to evoke in him, but that's how men work.

Most of the time, couples fight for power in the early stages of their relationship. And this time, you're taking matters into your own hands, prioritizing yourself over him, and it's driving him crazy.

(Video) Why Men Respond To Distance And Chase When You Give Them Space

Plus, it shows her that you're not just a sweet girl who doesn't know how to fend for herself. You are an independent and strong woman who deserves to be appreciated by your man.

You are a woman who will never settle for less than what she deserves and will never allow a man to play with her heart.

There is always a chance that your man will not call or text you if you distance yourself from him. So how do you know what he's going through?

Is he thinking of you or has he changed and is he looking for another woman?

Don't worry too much because there are ways to tell if your plan is working. You just need to take a look at your life and see how much it has changed in the last few days or weeks.

1. You start to focus on yourself

7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (6)

Now that you know how men respond to silence and distance, it's also important to understand how it affects you.

You will have more time to think about yourself and your well-being, and you will start to do thingsMake you happy.It's going to be hard to get it out of your head. That's why you need to keep yourself busy as much as possible.

Maybe you stopped drawing after you started your relationship, or it's been a long time since you renewed your gym membership. Now is the perfect time to get back to an old hobby. Start reading again if it can help you heal emotionally.

Don't be afraid to be yourself in the truest sense of the word. After all, you shouldn't mind if he judges you when you know he's getting back to you very soon.

Don't think about what's on his mind or how he feels. Just focus on what to do next to satisfy your wants and needs.

Don't think you need a man to be happy. it's your way to successfocus on yourself.

2. You will learn to get rid of negativity

How many times have you not slept at night, analyzing each argument and thinking that you are to blame? How many times have you ignored your beliefs and told yourself that you can't take it anymore?

Now, after so much overthinking and trying in vain to resolve your relationship problems, you are finally learning how to let go of negativity. You will be carefree.

All these fights and arguments have put a heavy burden on your shoulders. if you choosedie No-Contact-RegelIf you want to clarify certain things for him, he will suddenly feel relieved. Thoughts and positive emotions will return to you.

Your self-esteem will increase, as will your strength and ability to love someone. You will still feel smarter and braver than ever. Your goals and dreams don't seem out of reach and you won't be afraid to move forward in life alone.

Anything that has been driving you crazy for months or even years will seem like a distant memory. The only thing on your agenda is taking care of yourreasonand emotional and mental well-being.

3. You will find it easier to forgive and forget

7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (7)

As I mentioned earlier, men react to silence and distance in quite a peculiar way. They usually don't believe that they are responsible for anything bad happening, and many of them won't even admit that they made a mistake.

But women are not like that. They are much more emotional and tend to think more about the arguments they had with their partner. They develop a feeling of guilt and subsequently turn to their partner first.

(Video) His Silence Is A DECISION! The Sneaky Way He's Testing You And How To Respond When He's Been Distant

On the other hand, when you distance yourself from a stressful situation, you give yourself the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

Instead of thinking that you are the cause of all the problems in your relationship, you realize that it all makes sense now.

This feeling makes it easy for youpardonNot only you, but also your ex. It can be hard to let go of words that hurt you, but after a while it will.

4. You will have more control over your own life

It's easy to lose yourself in a relationship, especially if it's a long-term relationship.

But if you focus on your goal and don't give in to your desires, you will have all this new power and energy to yourself. You will notice how much you have neglected yourself in the last few months or even years.

But now that you are paying less attention to it, having time will not be a problem since you can do whatever you want. You will rediscover who you originally were, and that will make you happier and less bitter.

3 mistakes to avoid during social distancing

7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (8)

I understand that it is difficultleavefrom a man who means a lot to you. After all, you don't know how men react to silence and distance, and you are afraid that if you ignore him, he will leave you forever.

By keeping your distance from him, you should avoid certain mistakes. It can only reduce your chances of success and undo any progress you've made up to this point.

1. Think about him all the time.

If you're obsessed with where he's been and who he's been with, there's no chance you'll survive the no-contact period. You can't just cut off the communication part and hope that somehow everything will work out.

You have to find a way not to think about him. If he doesn't, he will continue to torment himself emotionally.

Focus on your mental health and your own needs. Fill your time with exciting activities that bring you joy. Surround yourself with people who love you and let go of toxic thoughts.

2. Expect immediate results

7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (9)

Now that you know that men respond to silence and distance, remember that it is impossible to see results the same day you start the silent treatment.

And no one can promise that they will contact you even after the 30-day challenge ends.

It will take him some time to go through all the different phases of what you are doing before he finally realizes how badly he treated you and what he thought you were.guaranteed.

One of the worst mistakes you can make is getting too excited about seeing results too soon. If you do, you'll end up making the same mistake twice.

3. Try to make him jealous

I know about thathe hurt youand I understand that you want him to feel the same. But making him jealous will not work. This is reserved for those immature children who know nothing about love.

He will probably see what you are doing and catch you lying. He'll think how pathetic it is that you're trying to make him jealous, which will drive him away.

Remember that your entire plan can backfire, so be careful and let time take its course. Don't forget that you can do whatever you want now. He shouldn't be the center of your life.

(Video) Why Men Respond To Distance (Why He Pursues YOU When Distant)

Keep him at a distance and delete him from your social media profiles. This creates an environment without him in which you can express yourself freely.

Don't replay these bad scenarios in your head. Negative emotions and thoughts will force you to do things you never thought you were capable of, making you more jealous and taking revenge.

7 Reasons Why Men Respond To Silence And Distance (10)


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