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Drawing has been an integral part of human artistic expression for thousands of years. From the earliest cave drawings to modern pencil art, drawing is closely linked to our cultures and ways of life.

While painting is considered the most popular form of artistic expression, drawing is something even the untrained eye can appreciate.

In fact, some of the greatest painters who ever lived were also considered to be the most talented draftsmen in history.

In this article, we look at some of the most famous cartoonists and some of their most notable works, as well as the unique styles and methods they used to complete their artworks.

1.Leonardo da Vinci

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Many art historians and critics consider Leonardo da Vinci to be the most prominent figure of the Renaissance. He was known as a prolific artist in drawing and painting and he was also an accomplished inventor.

Although many of da Vinci's most famous paintings are among the most well-known in the world, art lovers and historians alike cite his notebook as one of the most fascinating items from da Vinci's life.

The notebook is filled with various drawings and sketches of various characters, as well as some of the brilliant inventions and ideas da Vinci came up with during his lifetime. It is known that he began each painting by sketching most of the details of the work.

Art historians have noted that when viewed using various technological methods that allowed them to see the markings beneath the ink, the Mona Lisa was riddled with markings that suggest da Vinci had spent a great deal of time creating the to draw most of the details of the Mona Lisa in front of him. the first brush stroke.

Da Vinci was a master draftsman. Among his most famous drawings are The Vitruvian Man and others, which delves deeper into human physiology and anatomy than anyone at the time.

2.Albrecht Dürer

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Albrecht Dürer is arguably the most talented caricaturist who ever lived, with many of his most famous works far exceeding most others in overall depth and detail.

He lived in the 16th century and is known to have made most of his drawings with silver point, which was the most common method at the time.

German-born Dürer famously established himself as a well-known artist by the age of 13, when many began to notice his artistic ability. He lived during the Renaissance but is an artist considered by many to be one of the most celebrated artists of the period.

Dürer was known and respected by prominent Renaissance figures such asraphaeljLeonardo da Vinci. Although widely considered one of the most famous cartoonists of all time, he was also known for his prints.

3.Michelangelo Bonarotti

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Michelangelo Buonarotti is better known as "Miguel Angel' and is considered one of the three most notable figures of the Renaissance.

Many art scholars and historians wonder if Michelangelo was a better artist when it came to sculpting, painting or drawing, given his fantastic talent in all three areas of expression.

Like other artists of the period, many of his best-known drawings come from his sketchbook.sketchesthat, like da Vinci and othersArtists of the Renaissance, focused primarily on human anatomy and physiology.

Many of his drawings depict the human body in motion or in various poses that emphasize the character's physique.

Michelangelo's drawings are said to have been a source of inspiration for Leonardo da Vinci, as his quest for perfection was, to the best of his knowledge, held in high esteem by the famous Renaissance man.

4.Vincent van Gogh

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Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous painters in history. His diverse methods of creating works with broad, rhythmic brushstrokes and his use of striking, vibrant color combinations and contrasts are just some of the reasons why so many art critics, historians and scholars consider his works to be some of art's greatest masterpieces. your time. .

It is known that Van Gogh spent a lot of time creating sketches and drawings that he would later use as the basis for his paintings.

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He used drawings as the basis for his paintings, but Van Gogh also famously turned to drawing to relieve his anxiety and other problems caused by the mental illness that plagued him throughout his life.

Although his paintings are renowned for their colour, art historians and critics have hailed Van Gogh's drawings for their unique depictions of figures and landscapes. When asked about the drawing, the artist is quoted as saying:

"I can't put into words how happy I am to be able to draw again. I had thought about it for a long time, but I always thought it impossible and beyond my abilities.

5.Edgar Degas

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Few artists of the 19th century are as highly regarded as Edgar Degas. The French painter has created a litany of works in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, painting and drawing.

His distinctive style of painting was considered one of the most intriguing of the Impressionist movement. Degas is known to have used drawing as a medium to initiate many of his notable works.painting.

It is well known that Degas enjoyed making drawings and in many cases he used them to prepare some of his paintings.

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Although many art scholars know that Degas used sketches as the first step in creating many of his masterpieces, there are many instances where Degas created drawings simply to express himself.

Although Degas' eyesight declined later in life, he continued to draw. Some of his last works before his death are seen by most scholars and art historians and are among his finest overall creations.

6.Pedro Paulo Rubens

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Peter Paul Rubens is considered by many art historians and critics to be a master at expressing things like colour. Composition and movement in his paintings. The Flemish artist lived in the 17th century and had a reputation for creating some of the most respected paintings of any artist during his lifetime.

He was an expert in producing works depicting the human body in a variety of poses or movements, much like some of the best-known Renaissance artists who lived and worked just a century before his birth.

He is considered one of the most famous cartoonists, although he created very few works intended only for drawing.

Many of his sketches were originally intended to be the beginnings of paintings, but some of his most notable drawings during his lifetime were depictions of farm animals and other natural landscapes.

7.Egon Schiele

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Among the most famous characters we could include in our list of history's most famous cartoonists, Egon Schiele deserves a mention.

Born in 1890, the Austrian artist was known for his ability to create amazing paintings and drawings. Most of Schiele's most prominent works focused on human anatomy, particularly nude figures, which were often considered controversial by scholars and art critics.

His works are among the first of the Expressionist movement of the 20th century. Schiele developed a style of drawing that differed from all other artists of the same period.

Much of his best known work was highly graphic in nature and was in fact despised as allegedly bordering on pornographic in nature.

8.Pablo Picasso

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Of the many different modern artists who could have been included in our list of the most famous cartoonists, none is better known than Pablo Picasso. He lived in the late 19th century and created some of the most iconic artworks of the early 20th century.

Art scholars and historians consider Picasso to be one of the most talentedArtistfrom the time of cubism and surrealism.

Picasso had a style of his own, as he created a series of paintings and drawings that demonstrated a unique style of depicting the world around him in a way that other artists, as well as critics and scholars, would find surprisingly appealing.

It is known that he created a series of drawings that incorporated some elements and features of the famous works of the Renaissance.

9.José Mallord William Turner

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Among the most celebrated artists of the Romantic era, few were as well known as Joseph Mallord William Turner. Born in 1775, the English artist is famous for producing a number of works dealing withlandscape, as well as sea scenes with boats and nautical themes.

His artistic abilities were recognized by his father when Turner was very young, and the young artist began selling his drawings when he was just 10 years old.

Although Turner is relatively famous for producing works that are highly characteristic of the Romantic era, Turner's style and approach to drawing far exceeded those of his fellow artists during their lifetime.

Turner's sketchbooks and drawings are among the most coveted among art collectors today.

10Eugenio Delacroix

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During his lifetime, Eugene Delacroix was known as one of theFrench painterswhich focused on works now considered to be of Romantic and Neoclassical origin.

He studied art from an early age and was highly praised by his teachers for his ability to create realistic drawings with highly detailed elements.

Delacroix was an artist who traveled extensively, visiting many places in Europe and Africa in his youth. These voyages had a tremendous impact on the overall style and technique used by Delacroix, as the artist produced hundreds of works depicting life between the cultures found in countries like Morocco in the 1830s.

It is known that the artist had a special affinity for drawing before any other form of artistic expression. Delacroix is ​​quoted as saying, "Colour always concerns me, but drawing concerns me."

11Henrique Matisse

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Henri Matisse is best known for his paintings, but he has also worked in printmaking, sculpture and collage, and of course drawing and sketching.

Alongside Marcel Duchamp and Pablo Picasso, Matisse is considered one of the most outstanding painters of modern art.

He works in different media. Examples are sculptures, silhouettes and other media. He is known as a painter for the masterpieces he created.

Henri Matisse is now considered the master of colour. He was one of the founders of the artistic movement called Fauvism, which flourished briefly throughout his life.

All his talent as a painter was based on his skill as a draftsman, on his skill with the line, especially the simple-looking curved lines that were the result of thousands of hours of drawing.

He left a vast catalog of drawings and sketches, many of which formed the basis of some of his most famous works.

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